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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by stevieboy82, Jun 24, 2006.

  1. It was inescapable in Australia for about 6 months. It was her 'Saturday Night' (which flopped here) here.
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  2. Yeah I’m not sure how she isn’t cringing taking the plaudits.
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  3. Aww but she has been in the studio loads releasing as Whigfield, Naan and Sannie for at least 15 years (probably more...)

    She’s been doing some Facebook live videos. She did a couple last weekend and is doing another one this Saturday.

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  4. She is a total sweetheart. Is the Another Day album version not Sannie's voice though? I just always thought she was pitched in the studio... 'How Long' sounds like Sannie and Whigfield so I like to believe she always had some vocal input over the initial years. (Not to dwell on this subject again though!)
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  5. I love that Whigfield watches Dynasty and Grace and Frankie.
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  6. Yes I think she has too. I got speaking to someone about this after seeing the topic initially on here, and was told if you lower the pitch of a lot of the early stuff you can hear Sannie’s vocals with the tone and accent. Works the same way if you speed up some of her later stuff.

    Of course that’s not to say there wasn’t doubling with another singer or the retention of initial backing vocals etc. Some songs as a whole definitely do not match that same tone when you manipulate the pitch this way.

    Doesn’t hamper my enjoyment either way but I did find it interesting that I never really thought about how unnatural her early records sounded pitch with the speeding up of vocals. Some sound better lower!
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  7. This makes me happy, I don't like to think of Whiggy being a fake like (Dame) Katrin Quinol.
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  8. I don't buy the 'pitching' story. There's no question that this is the same singer:

  9. Yeah like I said there’s definitely usage of that singer’s vocals all over the shop and indeed for whole songs for the early albums. The pitching thing isn’t a “story” as such, a lot of the records are definitely pitched and production wise it’s very easy to use when doubling with other vocals especially if there is a tonal similarity that can be brought out with it between the two. Common trick especially back then.

    The W album is a good one to compare with the early stuff if you try the modulation/pitch shifting. The Sannie/Naan tracks here and there but less so overall as she is clearly singing differently in tones of style and intonation etc which makes sense.

    I found all of this interesting a little Easter egg and insight into the Italian Europop machine but nothing consequential. I’ve seen Sannie live and had the time of my life, pleased she is still out there bringing some 90s joy to us.
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  10. There may well be some pitching going on (of Annerley Gordon's voice) but you're deluding yourself it you think Sannie was anywhere near the recording studio for the early stuff.

    If there's any similarity in their voices it's because Sannie has learnt to mimick the records - like Olga of Corona has to some extent.

    Doesn't mean you can't still stan Sannie for her part in the overall package though.
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  11. It's pretty incredible it has never been reported in the press though isn't it. I'm glad it hasn't but it's such an open secret, you'd think it's something they'd have run with on a slow news day.
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  12. Is anybody still here for her?
    I am.

    Last year in spring/summer she released a new single.

    The remixes were great too, if not better.
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  14. I rather liked Was A Time (her Guitar Star) and C'est Cool. I'm guessing she did at least sing those? It's so rubbish of her to sing her old classics live at the nostalgia festivals - she really should play around with some effects to at least compromise with the tomfoolery (which in Danish translates to whigfoolery... no really).
  15. It looks like she’s got a new single coming out soon.
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  16. Spill the tea please!
  17. This is far more exciting to me than Madonna (even though I most probably own all the mixes).
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  18. MB


    Need / Want etc etc.
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