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Whitney (1987) At 35

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by WhatKindOfKylie?, Jun 3, 2022.

  1. Almost nobody else seems to like it but I loooove You're Still My Man. It just gets to me, hook line and sinker. And Where You Are, too. They're both unsung gems and I far prefer them to the overly bombastic Where Do Broken Hearts Go.

    And yes, Love Is a Contact Sport would have been a great single. Bet the video would've been loads of fun!
  2. I think if I had to truly pick apart the singles, than I would agree with Didn't We Almost Have It All being my least favourite. The initial choice for 2nd single before it was ruled out due to being a cover For The Love Of You, would have been better in my view. Still, epic vocal by The Voice as always and also the single cover spawned the most beautiful photo ever taken of Whitney in my view too:

  3. Nice to see this uploaded in HQ by the estate, but shame this is the little effort they can manage when it comes to celebrating the 35th anniversary of this album.
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  4. It may be heresy to admit it, but I'm not a massive fan of the album cover (I don't like vests! haha). There were SO many gorgeous shots from this era (including the one above that you mention), but I guess it might have been too "mature" a look for the pop market. I'd have chosen a "leather jacket and jeans" one (but again, would not have gone down well with the R&B/MOR market), or something like the sleeve for Where Do Broken Hearts (which is stunning, I think I've used that for my own Whitney set in some fashion).
  5. Plus, the Whitney album having the same cover photo as the I Wanna Dance with Somebody single, albeit cropped, was a bit of a cop out. Couldn't they have found a different photo for one of them?!
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  6. Not going to lie, for her second - important - album, some of the decisions were lazy, like the album title.

    I suppose, though, it's a credit to Whitney's enormous talent that those things were a bit moot since she sold everything with that voice.
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  7. They should have kept going with that formula....

    Album #1 - Whitney Houston
    Album #2 - Whitney
    Album #3 - Whit
    Album #4 - Wh
    Album #5 - W
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  8. Genuine lol at 1:46am.
  9. Gotta love the time difference between London and Toronto...

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  10. Outrage! Just kidding! The leather jacket/jeans look, was of course later used for the tour book and So Emotional single art. Even the Whitney 1988 calendar!
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  11. So Emotional still sets my nerves on edge, such a hyped up rocked up Miami disco banger with a great house bassline. All those Shep mixes need to come out one day. Love also for Contact Sport, great pop.
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  12. WHINEY.
  13. It looks like on streaming services anyway, the Whitney album has had a subtle remaster done to it. Been uploaded with 360 audio. Checked it out after reading comments on another forum, and you can tell there are some differences there. Heard extra details in I Wanna Dance With Somebody in particular.
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  14. Cute enough video, but please, give us a proper re issue already!
  15. My sentiments exactly, this was dying to be a single and have an all out camp video in total 80's fashion
  16. I’ve always enjoyed I Know Him So Well, if only for the ridiculous song choice and Cissy’s adlibs at the end.

    There’s also several Frank Wildhorn co-writes on this album. A musical theatre queen!
  17. I once read somewhere (whether true or not!), it was a choice between this and Love Will Save The Day as a single. Love both so not too bothered, glad they went for an uptempo instead as opposed to another ballad anyway!
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  18. Love will save the day is vastly superior but Contact is fun. They definitely made the right choice.
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  19. Only wish it had a proper music video for it. Such a shame they didn't for whatever reason.
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  20. It's heartbreaking how her legacy is being handled... just a bunch of biopics and a update remix of a bonus track. I almost forgot the hologram tour that was announced a couple of times but I still don't know if it happened !
    Yes, Whitney is a Diamond album and you celebrate it with a 1:58 video on YouTube ?
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