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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by MissGhettoFabulous, Sep 14, 2006.

  1. It is just such a no brainer, I really don't know why "Pat Houston" hasn't done it already.
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  2. Now couldn't be more appropriate too given this news.

    Still won't happen of course.
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  3. Maybe now they can’t tour the dreaded hologram shambles, it may force a rethink on priority reissues. One thing we know is the “Houston” family like $$$

  4. Oh need.
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  5. Looking good.
  6. What’s with the logo? over her left breast......
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  7. Absoutely well deserved.
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  8. Skate labels do this for their legacy star releases.

    Supreme did this or their M tees.

  9. Glad to see Cissy looking so well given so many rumours about her health.
  10. I'm listening to One Wish a lot, I don't remember it being this gorgeous? One Wish (the song) is beautiful, so warm and enveloping.
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  11. Pat's comment giving me Drag Race girls being told unknown person is a guest and them whooping pretending they are fans.
  12. My favourite track of the One Wish album, hadn't heard it in years!

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  13. Rather lovely this one.
  14. I’m listening to One Wish too at the moment for the first time, and I like the production a lot - Whitney really went all-out on the adlibs, which...doesn’t always work, but she sounds pretty great regardless. Bobbi Kristina showing up pulled at my heartstrings too.
  15. Apologies if these have already mentioned elsewhere on the forum....

    BBC Four tonight from 9pm....

    9pm:Whitney at the BBC (her best performances from BBC programmes)
    9.30pm:Whitney:Can I Be Me? (repeat of a documentary film from 2017)
  16. Thanks for the reminder.....I think I've seen the doc, but I get the two major Whitney documentaries confused.
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  17. Whitney, 80's Whitney especially was great. I recently ordered framed 12" print styles of her Whitney era singles to frame and wow, what a beauty.
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  18. For whatever reason, I consider The Bodyguard like The Sound of Music to be one of those films I love to watch during the holidays. No, it's not a Christmas movie (neither is The Sound of Music) but there's something that compels me to watch it during the holidays. Maybe it's because it was very popular during the holidays of 1992 and the fact, at least here in Canada, it often airs around this time.
  19. Same here! I often watch it around Christmas. Think the fact I Will Always Love You, was a massive hit over Christmas helps too.
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