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Whitney Houston, R.I.P.

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Jamie, Feb 12, 2012.

  1. I don't know if it's been posted already, so apologies if it has. but, TMZ reports...

  2. It still hasn't hit me! I've been watching her music videos & singing and dancing along to them all day. She has had so many classic, undeniable tunes!

    Did Madonna ever heavily dabble in drugs like Whitney did?
  3. I only hope this money made after her death will help her daughter to have a safer life. That would be the best use I can think at the moment.
  4. Someboy

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    Can I suggest that if you're going to post information about the circumstances around her death you simply post a link to the article rather than pasting the material into the post? Some people may not want to read it.
  5. Again the Billboard chart will highlight its own irrelevance by completely ignoring the biggest selling song of the moment because of some arbitrary pointless rule while the lower reaches are filled with random album tracks by T-Cup or Duke or whatever "current" act is popular for the last 15 minutes.

    Surely it will get airplay anyway?
  6. Her death is obviously far more interesting than her music ... There wasn't a 30 page (and counting) thread about her last, or previous to that, or before that one either, or likely ANY album ...

    People need some perspective ...
  7. I think this death is slightly easier to come to terms with than Amy Winehouse.

    It doesn't cut quite as deep for me, because she's had almost twice as many years on the earth as Amy, and she really really achieved in that time. She really left her mark, and therefore it doesn't feel like as much of a tragedy.
  8. Well for me, quite the contrary. I'd say I probably took Amy Winehouse's death easier than any musician I've been a fan of. It was probably the least shocking death of any celebrity I've liked--maybe even less surprising than Anna Nicole Smith. Do I consider it more tragic? Absolutely. Not that it is a competition. No need to rank deaths. But I probably am more saddened by losing Lisa Lopes and Aalyah than Winehouse.

    Whitney was just another level of star to me. The definition of a great singer. On Feb 1st I'd found myself on a Whitney youtube spree, after watching her hilariously fun MTV All Access 1999 Special. Even then, I think the cracks were beginning to show.

    Amy was a brilliant talent, but Whitney was a part of my life. Her first album was released in 1985, the year I was born. It's just hard to fathom her tale has ended. I am a singer and her voice, as many industry people are saying, was THE golden standard. The world has lost a great instrument.
  9. Er...
  10. LJB


    I feel that the more a person has achieved, the harder their early death is to come to terms with. Whitney is routed so deeply in the psyche of modern day pop music (and other genres) I just feel like I 'know' her more. It's bizarre to think that a person responsible for so much is sadly no longer with us.

    It's a weird thing, our connection to celebrities, isn't it? Like so many greatly achieving artists, she's always been there - through my entire life. Knowing she now is not is a weird concept.
  11. That cheered me up no end ... You trawled PJ and came up with an amazing 35 page thread ... Well done you ... and here was me thinking she had sunk without a trace ...
  12. LJB


    Oh my fucking god, if you're going to use ellipses excessively, at least use them correctly.
  13. 3Xs


  14. It would have been quite difficult for us to discuss her previous two albums on a forum that didn't yet exist when they were released. Wouldn't you agree?

    As with Amy, you got the impression with Whitney that she was finally getting her life sorted out to some extent, which just makes the situation all the sadder. RIP Whitney.
  15. I think it's a bigger deal with musicians, than it is with other celebrities.

    Listening to someone sing is such an emotional experience. Incredibly intimate, no matter how big the stage.
  16. Oh great some of my acquaintances on facebook are half joking about who is "going next" and how. Seriously it's in such poor taste.... George Michael may well be next but it's not something I want to hear at a time like this!
  17. Mvnl

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    Well, it wasn't a huge album, but it's the only one released since Popjustice launched.
    I'm sure if this forum had been around since the 80s there'd been plenty of 100+ page topics on the lady=.
  18. Non sarcastically, thank you Bonkylicious. I see that as a reminder that Whitney's last album was quite an event for some of us. And I was happy to see my last post in there, the second to last one, defending Whitney and feeling sad to hear she was still have troubles.

    Michael Jackson wasn't exactly a popjustice regular before his death either. This forum does not represent an artist's relevance to the world. Contrary to popular belief, Nicola Roberts is not the queen pop.
  19. Yes, I "trawled PJ" for the third result in the search function for "whitney". It would have taken you 5 seconds to check!
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