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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by IotV, Dec 19, 2011.

  1. It completely passed me by, and I'd bought every CD single for the club mixes of the My Love Is Your Love era just a few years before. I take it nothing from Just Whitney made the UK Top 40?
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  2. Only the first single Whatchulookin at. #13 it peaked.
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  3. I couldn't even hum that if my life depended on it!
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  4. I checked out after Whatchulookinat. It felt so brittle and reactionary, it left a bitter taste in my mouth. I Look to You was definitely more to my liking, she had her confidence and aura of greatness back.
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  5. It's not very you anyway I think!!
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  6. Whatchulookinat, certainly in the UK at least, totally derailed her career. I was the same, I’d gone from buying everything, including promo remix CDs, to not even registering that she had released Just Whitney...

    Try It On My Own is the only thing I listen to from that album.
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  7. I can't even recall any Whitney after the Greatest Hits era.
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  8. The problem with Whatchulookinat is that it reeked of her personal problems, especially her drug addiction. It was SO defensive that it was painful to listen to. Then the Diane Sawyer interview. The nadir for me, though, was some show where she performed Try It On My Own and a duet with Bobby Brown. She sounded awful and obviously she and Bobby were high. It was very sad to watch.
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  9. I can't recall if Whatchulookinat was even released in the US, but I recall One of Those Days being played enough on radio/music channels quite a bit at the time. Then I remember seeing Try It On My Own on VH1 a couple times, and instantly loved it.
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  10. She also appeared on the TV show Boston Public and sang Try It On My Own.
  11. Whatchulookinat, did have this fantastic mega mix as it's B-side. Which I will say IS very you @idratherjack:
  12. That megamix should have been a single all by itself. Brilliant remix (and video)!

    I probably prefer Just Whitney to I Look to You, which bar the first few tracks I never managed to get that into. Except for a couple of duds ('Whatchulookinat' and 'You Light Up My Life'), Just Whitney is quite competent, but it feels a bit directionless after the edginess of My Love is You Love and 'Fine'.

    I think the record company had no idea what to do with the album at this stage. The fallout from the Diane Sawyer interview had pretty much killed off its chances in the US. 'Whatchulookinat' made the Top 20 in the UK but didn't get radio play or stay on the charts for long. Clearly Whitney wasn't going to be able to come over and promote it. The issue in the UK was that no one really knew that the album was even out - it shows what a different time it was that there wasn't even much coverage here of the Diane Sawyer interview. So, instead of negative promotion like the US, we just had no promotion!
  13. Just Whitney, didn't even get close to the top 40 too I believe.
  14. This is fantastic! Can't believe I've never seen it before. Love a bit of Love To Infinity! This would have made a good standalone single after the greatest hits to remind everyone how amazing she was.
  15. Can't beat a megamix.
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  16. The chorus on My Love Is Your Love just soars. I remember that song was huge in summer 1999 and I thought Whitney was some cool new neo-soul singer like Lauryn Hill or something dd. I had no idea who she was.
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  17. I think Just Whitney is a better album than I Look To You but with less highlights if that makes sense. Although her vocal was beginning to deteriorate she still sounds like Whitney unlike the majority of I Look To You where although still light years ahead of many the breathlessness and husky voice just didn’t sound the same.

    Whatchulookinat was a HUGE mistake though. If they’d lead with One Of These Days or maybe Dear John Letter it *may* have done a little better though as most of you say the whole era was more defined by the Diane Sawyer defiant car crash interview.
  18. She was definitely channelling Lauryn with that song, and video. She even changed her look to match.
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  19. There wasn't much coverage of the Diane Sawyer interview?

    I distinctly remember lots of "crack is whack" buffoonery going on.
  20. "Whitney admits to using drugs/"Crack Is Whack" may have been a quick headline but yeah, at that point the conversation had moved on in the UK. Watchulookinat was a Top 15 single but then back then that was considered a flop so it's not really much to write home about. The album charted in the lower 70s which, for all intents and purposes, was an unmitigated disaster. She was done in the UK.

    What makes it sadder for me is her next noteable moment would come in 2009 during what was her "comeback" (on the X Factor) and ended up a joke appearance with the dress breaking, bad reviews, etc. At least in the US she had other award show performances and her Oprah special. The European leg of the Nothing But Love Tour... again, critically panned. She never got any kind of redemption to UK audiences.

    With that said, she's had two huge posthumous hits (one sampled, one remix) so maybe they corrected history a bit there.
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