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Whitney Houston

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by MissGhettoFabulous, Sep 14, 2006.

  1. Yes, sure was and well worth checking out if you can find it. Think you can still get it quite reasonable too still after all these years. Fair few extras on it too.
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  2. I’ve not watched that in years, what an artist, my heart feels so warm watching her.
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  3. The Greatest Hits DVD is really good. It's one of the best of its kind, like the Amy Grant collection and the David Bowie 2-disc set. It was a fitting retrospective but it had some nice bonus features, and didn't seem like a lazy collection.
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  4. I've seen this interview many a time, and never tire of it. What an much missed icon.
  5. It was not until a few days ago that I found out Whitney produced the two Princess Diaries movies.
  6. Yep, she sure did. Multi talented icon.
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  7. Same here. I had NO idea.

  8. NOW 80s, just played this in all it's 12" remix glory. Truly the song of the 1980s for me.
  9. The “estate” really must shift focus to getting all of her music and mixes online and deluxe editions of the albums too. Her legacy should be so much stronger based on that level of talent rather than tacky documentaries and merch and vapid hologram shows.
  10. This brings back memories of a Saudi cassette I had. They always crammed in extra songs and remixes to make best use of the space. I lived in Manchester as a child and my folks used to take me on day trips to Chester and there was this pub where my brother and I would play Out Run all the time. Such an 80s memory! The Whitney cassette got a lot of play on road trips!
  11. Here here, I just truly hope that given the boom of the re issue market these days, that 2022 will finally see a long overdue deluxe remaster for Whitney and the 35th anniversary. Arguably her most iconic studio album I'd say.
  12. To whom ever has to cover that song….

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  13. Remaking the Bodyguard? Oh dear, I can’t imagine that will go well, it seems far too recent to be reimagined, or I am just old now?
  14. If they treat a remake like A Star Is Born and give it an entirely new soundtrack and covers I think it could do well with the right talent.

    Now if it's a 1:1 remake and features the same songs? That will be a mess. The soundtrack (and Whitney obviously) is what makes the film what it is.
  15. Cardi B?!? I kinda want this.
  16. Oh dear. Some things need to be left well alone. The Bodyguard is one of them.
  17. OK but hire a good male lead not those cheetos.
  18. Yeah, I guess if it’s brand new songs and slightly different story it could work depending on who was involved.
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