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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by MissGhettoFabulous, Sep 14, 2006.

  1. So Clean Bandit have "been asked" to remix "How Will I Know" as the follow-up to "Higher Love".

    Sounds OK, but would've preferred a different song! Feels like this one has been done to death somehow.

    It's out next week.

  2. Higher Love worked so well as it was like a "new" Whitney song as the original was so obscure. This just sounds shit and makes me want to listen to the original.
  3. Doesn't sound too bad, and adore the single art as well. More "new" Whitney the better. That said, something more more rare like Takin' A Chance, would have been better. Higher Love was such a smash partially because of that I think.
  4. Moment of Truth (Initial Talk Remix) please!
  5. If only eh?!
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  6. The cover art being a much, much later era is a mess.
  7. Hope it's better than that David Guetta thing anyway.
  8. Didn't Oliver Nelson remix How Will I Know already? They should've done another.
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  9. Yeah How Will I know is the wrong song, between LMC and David Guetta its overdone. And I agree with @idratherjack Higher Love worked because it was mostly a new Whitney Song for people, it’s the same reason why What’s Love Got To Do With It didn’t work for Kygo, they’re classics.
  10. Yes – he should've done Tina's "Don't Turn Around" instead. A hit by another artist, recorded by Tina but was a non-album cut so went unnoticed. Very similar to "Higher Love" and Whitney.
  11. 3Xs


    The thing that makes Tina's Don't Turn Around so good tho is that it's a rock power ballad. Making it a dance track would just suck all the life out of it.
  12. Clean Bandit? Clean fucking Bandit? I'm appalled. The absolute audacity.

    Hopefully though this means they're doing a Love to Love You Donna-type remix album?
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  13. So, the album that they teased some weeks ago is a remix collection ? I really hope that it's gonna include old remixes, too, not just new ones !
    If you're not gonna release anything for the GP, a remix collection is a choice, especially after all the fans asking for a Whitney reissue (I think it's debatable a Whitney reissue could be for the GP, too)
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  14. A Whitney remix album, both old and new, would be a good option I think yes.
  15. Well, just had my first listen to the How Will I Know Whitney vs Clean Bandit makeover. Nothing will ever of course compare or beat the magic of the original, but this for what it is, is not bad at all, and just amazing to hear Whitney's voice on something "new" once again. Wonder if this was done to help the song towards going towards finally getting a million sales? According to the brilliant Women Of The 80s sales thread by @gezza76 , it's now sold over 800,000 so not too far off.
  16. The timing's a bit odd for the Clean Bandit version. It's so soon after the David Guetta track, which Capital FM are still hammering constantly (I hear it at least 2 or 3 times a day)
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  17. Much prefer the Clean Bandit version gotta say. At least this use's Whitney's own vocals and makes use of the full song too.
  18. Not a big fan of the new remix. Can imagine even the Hologram Whitney may refuse to sing this version.
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  19. It's not bad, I like the electro swing/sax vibes however the vocals are too much processed.
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