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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by MissGhettoFabulous, Sep 14, 2006.

  1. That new 'version' of How Will I Know is a comprehensive abomination.
  2. Yeah, like others have said “Higher Love” worked because it was “new” to the general public and the revision worked so well. This is just a pale “update” on a well-known and much beloved classic.
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  3. It could catch on and do quite well, but guess we'll wait and see.
  4. So... Stanley Tucci is going to play Clive Davis in the Whitney biopic.

    I love Tucci so that is a bonus but I still can't help thinking this biopic is going to be a mess...
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  5. Cast Symone you cowards.
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  6. The tracklist, at last !
    I Will Always Love You: The Best Of Whitney Houston on vinyl
    Side A
    1. You Give Good Love
    2. Saving All My Love For You
    3. How Will I Know
    4. Greatest Love Of All
    5. I Wanna Dance With Somebody (Who Loves Me)

    Side B
    6. Didn’t We Almost Have It All
    7. So Emotional
    8. Where Do Broken Hearts Go
    9. I’m Your Baby Tonight

    Side C
    10. All The Man That I Need
    11. I Will Always Love You
    12. I’m Every Woman
    13. I Have Nothing
    14. Exhale (Shoop Shoop)(from Waiting To Exhale – Original Soundtrack)

    Side D
    15. I Believe In You And Me (Record Version)
    16. My Love Is Your Love (Radio Edit)
    17. I Look To You
    18. Never Give Up
    19. Higher Love (Kygo & Whitney Houston)

    Out: Oct 27

    They just added the Kygo remix to the 1CD edition of this collection and I think this makes it the only physical item that includes the track. Left off the tracks on the 2nd cd, like One Moment In Time, Run To You, Queen Of The Night, It's Not Right But It's Okay, My name is not Susan, I Learned From the Best & Heartbreak Hotel.
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  7. A little surprise for One Wish vinyl release, too
    Side A
    1. The First Noël
    2. The Christmas Song (Chestnuts Roasting On An Open Fire)
    3. Little Drummer Boy (Feat. Bobbi Kristina Brown)
    4. One Wish (For Christmas)
    5. Cantique de Noël (O Holy Night)
    6. I’ll Be Home For Christmas

    Side B
    1. Deck The Halls / Silent Night
    2. Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas
    3. O Come O Come Emmanuel
    4. Who Would Imagine A King
    5. Joy To The World
    6. Do You Hear What I Hear? (with Pentatonix)
    Out: Oct 15.

    As you all know, Do You Hear What I Hear? (with Pentatonix) is a "new" track.
    So, we have the How Will I Know Clean Bandit remix now, and I presume Do You Hear What I Hear? (with Pentatonix) is going to be a single before Xmas ?

    If a remix collection is gonna happen,
    Higher Love (Kygo & Whitney Houston)
    Whitney Houston & Clean Bandit - How Will I Know
    Do You Hear What I Hear? (with Pentatonix)
    are gonna be included...
  8. Wasn't Do You Hear What I Hear? with Pentatonix already released on one of their (many) Christmas albums a few years ago?
  9. You're right, @torontodj ! Never heard of Pentatonix, but they quite have a long Xmas discography, I see.. they even have a Best of Xmas collection, that includes the Whitney track !
    Let's say it's first time it appears on a Whitney release

    The Best of Pentatonix Christmas (2019 release)
    Deck The Halls 2:46
    Carol of the Bells 3:16
    God Only Knows
    Hallelujah 4:29
    Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy 2:07
    Mary, Did You Know? 3:23
    Joyful, Joyful 3:54
    Do You Hear What I Hear? 3:34
    Little Drummer Boy 4:13
    God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen 2:30
    Winter Wonderland/Don’t Worry Be Happy 3:28
    White Winter Hymnal 2:48
    Grown-Up Christmas List 4:42
    You’re a Mean One, Mr Grinch 3:00
    When You Believe 3:53
    Here Comes Santa Claus 2:37
    How Great Thou Art 4:10
    That’s Christmas To Me 3:04
    Coldest Winter (Bobby Alt Drum Mix) 2:28
  10. Surprised they have chosen to re issue I Will Always Love You, when it's by far a lower seller when compared to Whitney: The Greatest Hits or The Ultimate Collection. Nice to have Higher Love on CD I suppose though.
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  11. Well @WhatKindOfKylie? , the IWALY collection is a vinyl only release. no cd announced.
  12. I'm surprised they didn't release another Whitney collection in light of Higher Love's success. They really should have capitalized on that moment.
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  14. I wrote that this vinyl release is the 1CD release + HL remix. There are not the tracks on the bonus disc.
    This page looks a lot like an old page: no release date, no tracklist, a different description. If you add that Amazon doesn't list a cd reissue, I don't think it's happening. And it looks too cheap for a new relase, just 7,98$!
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  16. According to the Discogs page (don't know how it's already there since early Sept), it's the duet version of I Look To You. Quite a statement from the estate ! I'm speechless

  17. Ah I see, no problem, crossed wires!
  18. Why are they not remixing late Whitney songs that are bops already like Call You Tonight?
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  19. HMV have the vinyl listed with I Look To You (Solo), let’s hope!
  20. Probable then that someone's added it to Discogs without actually having it yet and just copied the tracklisting from the earlier releases.
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