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Whitney Houston

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by MissGhettoFabulous, Sep 14, 2006.

  1. ^Truly a look.
  2. Just playing the most recent Best Of!
    Track list gets messy the further you get along but it’s nice to have most of her biggest hits over a couple records.
    Completely forgot the US had a different version of I’m Your Baby Tonight… the international version is much better, shame it’s not on this. Also imagine not including It’s Not Right But It’s Ok….
  3. What kind of homophobic compilation is this?
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  4. I Will Always Love You: The Best Of Whitney Houston

    Pretty sure it was mentioned before but it came out on vinyl before Christmas, just a shame they didn’t edit the track list a bit! Even a third disc to fill out what’s missing would’ve been fine…
  5. Any idea why this iconic bop has re-entered the UK singles chart at #73?

  6. Maybe it was track 1 on some New Years Eve party playlist?
  7. Somewhat random to see, but always welcome.
  8. Can we just take a moment to rewatch this? Probably the most joyous interview or recording I’ve ever seen of Whitney. She just came alive in this - you can’t watch it and not smile.

  9. There must be a cost/licensing issue that stops the international mix from appearing on her hits collections in those territories or on streaming. Why else would her label consistently use the US mix that wasn't the single mix and didn't feature on the international release of the parent album? The Yvonne Turner mix is far more familiar to listeners outside the US, so you'd think it would make financial sense to use it as the default mix for those markets. The Yvonne Turner mix may be out of print and not on streaming - but it's the only version I hear on the radio.
  10. It's on the Ultimate Collection from 2007 which is on streaming.
    I think they just forgot about it to be honest - there's quite a lot of album versions on the most recent 2012 Best Of.
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  11. I never knew that, thanks. I overlooked that collection at the time as it seemed surplus to requirements. These days I just listen to the 12" mix on iTunes if I want my fix of 90s Whitney, particularly if I want My Name Is Not Susan.
  12. I'd love for the various remixes of My Name Is Not Susan, to finally be uploaded to digital/streaming.
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  13. Those and the amazing Single Mix of I Belong to You are musts.
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  14. Oh yes, the remixes for that one too please!
  15. But will they ever press this release on vinyl?
  16. Know that I would buy it in an instant if so!
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  17. Interesting how The Greatest Hits is listed under Whitney's albums and not compilations on Discogs.

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  19. Legends only. Fantastic achievement.
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