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Whitney Houston

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by MissGhettoFabulous, Sep 14, 2006.

  1. Can’t believe she’ll be gone 10 years tomorrow. I still can’t quite believe it.
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  2. Indeed, gone way, way too soon. Whitney's passing was the biggest loss of any music icon we have lost over the past 10+ years, and alas there have been many. The one, the only, The Voice. RIP Whitney.
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  3. "Momma's Here"


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  4. Remembering The Voice today on the 10th passing of her sad loss. Here's my all time favourite photo of her:

    Just an absolute beauty.
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    Remembering Whitney’s last public appearance, at Clive Davis’s 2012 pre-Grammy rehearsal.

    Can’t believe it’s been ten years.
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  6. I know, it feels so much more recent. Still remember seeing the news of her passing well. It was a Sunday morning in the UK I believe when news broke here, and I turned on the TV to see one of the music channels playing the video for I'm Your Baby Tonight, and in the top corner it said "RIP Whitney Houston". Totally stunned.
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  7. On a side (happier) note, looks like there will be another Whitney Funko Pop vinyl of an another iconic moment for The Voice...

    Of course, this:
  8. I need a Queen of the Night one!
  9. Don't we all!
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  10. Not to mention I Wanna Dance With Somebody and It's Not Right But It's Okay ones too! Take my money!
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  11. Whitney has so many looks worthy of a POP figure!
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  12. Whitney dying so young really hit me hard. Whilst initially it looked like she had beaten her demons (the Oprah interview) the car crash tour and hit and miss performances all signalled otherwise. Whilst other stars had passed her death was so upsetting for me. Her talent and music were so incredible so 10 years later I still can’t quite believe it. I do hope one day she gets a better recognition via her legacy than what her estate have done so far. RIP WHITNEY
  13. Bodyguard Funko Pop and take my money and my thank yous
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  14. The Magic music TV channel have been paying tribute to her on the 10th anniversary of her death today by showing Whitney:Greatest Voice Of All-a two hour compilation of her videos.It's being shown again on the channel at 6pm tonight & being repeated a few times over the weekend including a showing on the 4Music channel on Sunday morning at 9am.

    Also on tonight at 11.35pm on Channel 4,they're showing Whitney-a 2018 documentary examining her life featuring never before seen archival footage,exclusive recordings,rare peformances and interviews with the people who knew her best.
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  15. I remember it being something like 2am in a club and the DJ announced it. I'll always vividly remember a clear divide between the 18 year olds who were less familiar with her and therefore a bit bemused, whereas the 30somethings were in bits.
  16. Legend missing a legend.
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