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Whitney Houston

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by MissGhettoFabulous, Sep 14, 2006.

  1. Currently obsessed with this anthem! Easily one of her finest ever moments of so many for me.
  2. Good find, think that was the song that they used initially as Whitney's debut in the UK.
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  3. The edited single mix of 'Someone For Me' is vinyl-only, which probably explains why it's not available online. It's also on the B-side of the UK 7" of 'How Will I Know?' It's very good. The Estate probably don't even know it exists.

    And 10 years ... how did that happen? At least her legacy has endured in spite of all the darkness as well as the incompetence and self-interest of her Estate. Considering how few full albums she released, her catalogue can comfortably go head to head with that of any other female artist you'd care to name - and probably win!
  4. Slowly but surely, it looks like the estate are putting her music back in the spotlight. And long overdue too.
  5. Unfortunately it sounds like they are just going to release stuff from the vaults that wasn’t good enough to release first time round.

    As @Fizzywhig says there is stuff like the Someone For Me remix they probably don’t even know or care about which I find insane. Someone should care about her legacy and her early recordings are a part of that. They’ve reissued the debut album a couple of times already but haven’t thought to include it or the single version of Thinking About You.

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  6. I just want Whitney to be re issued at long last! The debut as you say been reissued already a couple of times but alas for her follow up, nothing.
  7. Crazy that it's been 10 years and the fans have been given scraps. Even tho she wasn't prolific in the studio there are enough recordings we know of that could be given a shine.
    1. Feels So Good
    2. Look Into Your Heart
    3. Moment Of Truth
    4. Eternal Love
    5. Dancing On The Smooth Edge
    6. Takin' A Chance
    7. Believe In Love (feat. Brandy instead of Sunday)
    8. Halfway Through the Night
    9. It'll Be Okay (feat John Legend instead of Ray J)
    10. Far Enough for Love
    11. Memories
    Be nice to have actual new music rather than another live show feating the ghost of a Queen.
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  8. Like most people I’ve been down a Whitney rabbithole this weekend.
    Speaking of the vaults, it’s a shame that instead of regurgitating the same songs on her compilations that there isn’t one with all the remixed single versions (or that they’re available digitally) and acknowledge her final two albums properly.
  9. Wow, I had no idea this happened!

  10. What a well put together and enjoyable set that would make too.
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  11. Ooooo I rather like this

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  12. Never heard of this remix before, thanks for the link. Such an underrated song the original is.
  13. The debut is being reissued again, on vinyl atleast anyway.

    I don’t understand why they don’t reissue her full discography? They’re basically throwing away money by not doing so….
  14. They don't! Sony didn't either. When I was doing freelance A&R work for Legacy, I was discussing random old cuts from a plethora of artists that seemed to have been forgotten with my colleague who actually worked for them. I mentioned this mix and how I was disappointed that it wasn't dug out for the reissue.

    He worked on the reissue and was floored that he missed it. He had the mix transferred from the master for me but it's unmastered, so sounds a little messy but is still amazing and better than a vinyl rip.
  15. Tease.
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  16. No surprise there. At least they still have the mix, so in theory it could see the light of day at some stage.

    They didn't exactly dig very deep for the extra mixes on the 2010 reissue. There are a number of mixes of 'How Will I Know' from the German and US 12"s that were omitted - plus they didn't even include the original album version!

    And as for not including 'Don't Look Any Further'...
  17. londonrain

    londonrain Staff Member

    A higher-quality version of the alternate video for When You Believe has just been uploaded. Still not truly HQ but definitely better than the only version that was on YouTube before.

  18. Again??! Don't get wrong, will probably buy this if more mixes old and new are included on it that we don't have. But sill, if any Whitney album should be re issued again at this point, it's this:
    35th anniversary in 2022 after all!
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