Whitney Houston

Currently obsessed with this anthem! Easily one of her finest ever moments of so many for me.

Her best song!
I remember it being something like 2am in a club and the DJ announced it. I'll always vividly remember a clear divide between the 18 year olds who were less familiar with her and therefore a bit bemused, whereas the 30somethings were in bits.
Yep. I was working nightshift that night as a student nurse and my friends texted me around that time to tell me, I was shellshocked. I was 33 at the time and had grown up on Whitney.
The debut is being reissued again, on vinyl atleast anyway.

I don’t understand why they don’t reissue her full discography? They’re basically throwing away money by not doing so….

Just give us Whitney godammit!
I just noticed that the My Love Is Your Love vinyl has a different running order - was it done to fit the songs evenly on all sides or was it the original tracklist?
I really hope the movie turns out well but considering how heavily the estate was involved I wonder if they were allowed to go into the nitty gritty parts of her life (such as how her family’s - and because of that her own - refusal to accept her sexuality negatively impacted her life). I’m really not here for any Bohemian Rhapsody style erasure.