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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by MissGhettoFabulous, Sep 14, 2006.

  1. They could end it on a few different 'high notes' or at least happy notes, the medley from the World Music Awards 2004, the comeback for the last album (Oprah). Obviously nothing as big as ending on a performance at Wembley though.
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  2. They could end it on my 2010 Berlin show when we run to Berghain straight after Whitney and saw Robyn play Body Talk for the first time.
  3. Yeah they could end a biopic with the Oprah comeback (with a sad addendum about what later happened).
  4. Yes, that probably would be the better finish if had to think about it.
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  5. Obviously the last line of any Whitney biopic should be

    Oprah said “girl do you know you’re loved?” Now I know my own strength.

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  6. Such a beautiful song.
  7. What do we all think of Whatchulookinat? I think it's a bop but I feel like I've seen people bemoan it here.

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  8. I don't mind it but I think a lot of people associate it with a very dark period of Whitney's life so it's understandable there is resistance to it. Also, personally speaking, Whitney is at peak denial here. It's a very defensive song. It might make one uncomfortable.
  9. 3Xs


    I bop. It's not a discography highlight but it's catchy enough.
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  10. I've always liked it. Came of course as already pointed out at a bad time in Whitney's life. But that said, it's still quite a bop. Just Whitney all round is quite underrated.
  11. It's a horrid song. Combined with the trainwreck Diane Sawyer interview, it successfully torpedoed the Just Whitney campaign before it even started.

    No one was interested in hearing 'poor me' from Whitney in 2002, particularly when the complaints were clearly so baseless - the Kevin McDonald film contains the supremely ironic footage of Whitney and Bobby high as kites while actually shooting the 'Whatchulookinat' video!

    If it was necessary to release a single with that sentiment at that time, they could have picked either 'Tell Me No' and 'Unashamed', which were a) both much better songs and b) less whiny and pointed.
  12. Unashamed, just goes off! In a good way of course. And vocally wise, proof Whitney could still do it.
  13. When Whitney started wearing coats and jackets on videos... you knew it was bad.
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  14. MTV Pride was playing Million Dollar Bill and what a underrated hit is. It aged really good!

  15. Whatchulookinat is probably the worst case of pop career suicide I’ve ever seen.
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  16. Forever an anthem!
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  17. Whatchulookinat Is amazing! Always liked the album too, way better than basic I Look To You (cute but it aged very poorly)
  18. I'm sorry, but I completely disagree. I think I Look To You is miles better than Just Whitney. The latter sounds cheap, and her voice and constant breathing (on Tell Me No for example) are distracting. As a Whitney fan the whole era leaves a bad taste in my mouth. She was clearly not well during this time, and it clearly shows throughout the whole project. One Of Those Days is a lovely song, but apart from that, it's a difficult album to listen to (at least for me).

    With the exception of A Song For You, I Look To You is a great album. The Oprah performance is still very moving to watch and she seemed to be in a much better place around 2008-2009.
  19. Just Whitney was a wayy better album, Things You Say was a r&b hit waiting to happen (Her and Tweet sounded magnificent on it i loved their blend) Her cover of Light of My Life gave me 90s Nippy feels and that would been a nice single aswell, i just wish her personal issues didn't overshadow what was actually a solid and good album.
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  20. Both are good albums. I think I Look To You is stronger but I enjoy them both.
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