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Whitney Houston

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by MissGhettoFabulous, Sep 14, 2006.

  1. Yep I agree, I Look To You is not bad but it’s so beige, thanks to Clive. Million Dollar the best song of course. Whitney was more “real” even if she was of course is a bad place. And Whitney and Charmbracelet coming the same week!
    Those were the days!
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  2. Aww, Just Whitney AND Charmbracelet. We were truly blessed. And both albums deserved much better than what they got.
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  3. They were given the Mad TV send up. Who needs platinum sales certifications when you have Debra Wilson?!

  4. I went to the George Benson concert at the Royal Albert Hall over the weekend and when he sang "Greatest Love Of All" he told us a story.

    One day when he was in front of the Empire State Building, a girl ran out and said "You're George Benson! You're my favourite singer! I'm gonna record your song "The Greatest"!"

    Much later when he heard Whitney's version of the song, he wondered if she was the girl at the Empire State Building. And later he found out that it was indeed her.
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  5. Truly such a legend.
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  6. New remix of I Wanna Dance with Somebody (Who Loves Me)...

  7. Not a bad remix at all this actually. At least I think so anyway!
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  8. This is surprisingly quite good! Added on streaming.
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  9. Think it's better than the How Will I Know Clean Bandit remix too also.
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  10. Great news! I've wanted the Whitney album in particular on vinyl for years.

    Now if they could just see their way to releasing a 2 disc deluxe version on CD as well...
  11. Looking forward to having The Preacher's Wife OST on vinyl at last. I lovvvvve gospel Whitney!
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  12. Fantastic stuff and talk about long, long overdue as well!
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  13. Her Insta page acknowledged My Name Is Not Susan's anniversary and its remixes. Hopefully this means that they would come up on streaming soon.
  14. Oh! It SO better be. I stan this song so much, so underrated.
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  15. Do we have any idea when these will be released and/or where they'll be avalaible? My Love Is Your Love is one of my favourite albums and I'd love to have it on vinyl (but not keen on paying the £300+ currently on Discogs!)

  16. This all time classic, finally in 4K!!
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