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Whitney Houston

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by MissGhettoFabulous, Sep 14, 2006.

  1. This is amazing, in some places it's like seeing the video for the first time.

    Absolutely one of the best songs and videos of all time.
  2. Next up, How Will I Know in 4K please!!
  3. All the I’m Your Baby Tonight videos in 4K please!
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  4. And the rest of the Whitney era too whilst we're at it!
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  5. I remember the Whitney documentary a few years ago and seeing clips from the video remastered was really breathtaking. The colours POP in this. It really is like seeing it for the first time.
  6. How Will I Know, was also included in this in 4K footage too. That's why I hope the remaster will follow suit for this.
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  7. I want one! Thanks for the heads up.
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  8. Love the Whitney range of Funko Pops - hopefully we will get an It's Not Right But It's Okay one too.
  9. Rude not too quite frankly. That look is truly iconic.
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  10. WOW, pretty, but very pricey!
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  11. Ha, cute...but the extensions aren't long enough. I wouldn't recognise that as Whitney without a bit of help.

    Let's have a How Will I Know one...
  12. There is one!

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  13. I just love all these Whiteny Funko Pops!!! So many iconic looks.
  14. Trailer is here. Does not look as bad as I feared but there is something a bit… Lifetime original movie… about the production values.

  15. Be interesting to see how well it will actually do.
  16. Oh it looks good. I suppose it ends with the comeback rather than her death?
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  17. If they're keeping this way, there'll be more biopic than albums ! Oh dear !
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