Whitney Houston

It looks a bit cheap but it's the whole presentation. The lighting, the setups, the cheesy titles. I wish it looked a little more prestige-y and like they actually intended to explore Whitney, her talent, her demons, her relationships instead of just recreate her iconic moments.
Well, did indeed cave in and buy. Townsend Music also have limited edition red vinyl:

https://townsendmusic.store/product...gn=WC_19/09/2022 The Reytons&utm_medium=email

Love me a list and The Guardian is usually one of the more reliable papers, but that list is surely Alexis Petridis being wilfully obtuse for the attention? Same Script, Million Dollar Bill and Shoop? And I Have Nothing at number one? I think not. If it's not got So Emotional (Shep Mix, obvs), All At Once, You're Still My Man, If I Told You That, and Didn't We Almost Have It All, it's not a Whitney best of list. A ridiculous state of affairs.