Whitney Houston

Personally I prefer The Bodyguard and The Preacher's Wife over Waiting to Exhale, but all three are great. Surprised Waiting to Exhale hasn't been released on Blu-Ray yet.

I love The Bodyguard. Great entertainment.

And I thought Whitney held her own with Denzel Washington.
I saw the 30th anniversary of The Bodyguard this afternoon. I was only 9 when it came out, so missed it on the big screen and it was a joy (especially the Queen of the Night section)!

After the credits, they played the music videos for Queen of the Night, I Will Always Love You and I Wanna Dance With Somebody and I felt so sad that we lost Whitney so early.

She was such an incredible talent.

Forever a look.
Pat says. “[She should be remembered by her music[/b] and the work that she’s done in the community, not by her relationships. And the fact that all these things are happening proves that. It’s a clear path without any distractions to make things continue to happen for her legacy.”

Yeah, a lot has been done to let her be remembered by her music,. Pat !

But the Whitney plans are the biggest the company has implemented to date, and if they’re received well, could cement the company’s growing reputation as one of the few treating catalogs as living, breathing and evolving cultural touchstones.

Let's see if some serious reissues are on the way, now...