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Whitney Houston

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by MissGhettoFabulous, Sep 14, 2006.

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  2. Those are the prices for those high fidelity masters, for basically every artist.
  3. Well, even so, for any artist, still way too much money methinks!
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  4. Of course, but when you have Beyoncé selling her latest album on vinyl for €70…can you blame them? They are still selling even if they are way overpriced.
  5. Yes, guess someone will always pay the money for them! I still hope for regular re issues fingers crossed.
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  7. Would have had at least hoped for the bonus tracks and remixes to be included at those prices.
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  8. We’ll get regular editions like The Bodyguard next year for sure, but don’t dream about bonus tracks and stuff.
  9. As long as we do get re issues like The Bodyguard at reasonable prices, be happy with that for sure.
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  11. Standard and limited colour editions of the Whitney Houston and Whitney albums on vinyl, now out to pre order for 2023:
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  12. Great to finally get Whitney on vinyl - now give us that 2CD expanded remaster too @PatHouston!
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  13. Now that IS totally long overdue-not to mention a must!
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  14. The movie soundtrack is out at midnight wherever you are, and it contains some new remixes

    Most notably there's 2 versions of Don't Cry For Me - they've isolated the vocals from her 1994 live performance, though not completely successfully. It sounds a bit echoey and far away.

    The Darkchild Mix basically recreates the orchestral feel of the performance and does the best it can with the a cappella. The Sam Feldt remix sounds a bit more awkward and fan-made in comparison - though it's not a bad remix.

    I Wanna Dance With Somebody (The Movie: Whitney New, Classic and Reimagined)

    I Wanna Dance With Somebody (Who Loves Me)
    Don't Cry For Me [Sam Feldt Remix]
    Higher Love [Kygo Remix]
    The Greatest Love Of All [Jax Jones Remix]
    I'm Every Woman [SG Lewis Remix]
    How Will I Know [Clean Bandit Remix]
    I Love The Lord [with BeBe Winans]
    Don't Cry For Me [Darkchild Film Version]
    Honest (Heartbreak Hotel) [Lucky Daye]
    Okay (It's Not Right) [Oxlade Pheelz]
    You'll Never Stand Alone [Moto Blanco Mix]
    Love Will Save the Day [MATVEÏ Remix]
    Tomorrow [Samaria]
    Home [Live from The Merv Griffin Show]
    You Give Good Love
    Saving All My Love for You
    If You Say My Eyes Are Beautiful
    Far Enough
    I Wanna Dance with Somebody (Who Loves Me)  
    So Emotional  
    Where Do Broken Hearts Go
    Moment Of Truth
    I'm Your Baby Tonight  
    The Star Spangled Banner [Live from Super Bowl XXV]
    One Moment in Time  
    I Will Always Love You [Live from The Concert for a New South Africa]
    Medley: I Loves You, Porgy / And I Am Telling You I'm Not Going / I Have Nothing [Live from The 21st Annual American Music Awards]  
    Run to You
    Impossible Things
    Why Does It Hurt So Bad [from "Waiting to Exhale" - Original Soundtrack]  
    It's Not Right But It's Okay  
    My Love Is Your Love
    I Didn't Know My Own Strength [Live from The Oprah Winfrey Show Season Premiere Part II - Whitney Houston's Show Stopping Surprise]
    Message from Clive Davis
    Don't Cry For Me [A Cappella]

    The SG Lewis Mix of I'm Every Woman is quite a respectful and classy update of the original, and the Moto Blanco Mix of You'll Never Stand Alone sounds very much like you'd expect too. Both are much better than the Clean Bandit mix.

    The 90s eurohouse sounding Jax Jones mix of The Greatest Love Of All will probably be a bit Marmite, but I like it myself.
  15. Thanks for the heads up, look forward to hearing this!
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  16. Latest trailer.. I think it looks quite good actually?

    And getting some nice reviews

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  17. New Whitney remixes are always welcome. Let's hope they are more Kygo and less Clean Bandit.
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  18. I imagine the soundtrack is a digital only release...
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