Whitney Houston

I mean, I'm as big a champion of those classic remixes as the next person but I wouldn't say that some of the newer versions on the soundtrack aren't also a worthwhile endeavor. I still think SG Lewis' take on I'm Every Woman is easily the best thing here by a considerable margin (and I hope that if they decide to do a remix album in the future with her other material that he's the first person they call), but it makes sense to an extent to get other contemporary producers on board for the soundtrack to a biopic that will more than likely introduce or reintroduce Whitney's catalogue to a new audience.

As to how successful a lot of these other mixes are...well, there's room for everyone, let's just say that (and weirdly, Clean Bandit's remix of How Will I Know comes alive a lot more in the context of the soundtrack itself for me?). But I feel like disallowing newer Whitney remixes period is not the move
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The idea is good, but when the results are what they are (lifeless versions of the originals for the most part)…
The soundtrack being a collection of new mixes and classic songs is not it. Just release a remixed album at this point.
The one positive thing I will say about the script is it completely embraces the bisexuality - and does so from the jump off.

How does it handle her death?

The nicest thing would be for it to end with her triumphant comeback on the Oprah show but I'm guessing that isn't how it does end?
Listening to my own version of the soundtrack again with songs that should have been included in my view such as the album versions of I Will Always Love You and How Will I Know and a slight edited re jigged set list, with a a few of the awful newer remixes ditched. She really did have a short but special discography.
That is cool that Thunderpuss reunited for this project. I remember finding the maxi-single of It's Not Right But It's Okay/Heartbreak Hotel in a thrift shop sealed a few years ago and I actually became (so) emotional. It brought back memories of the joy from that period in 1998/99 when My Love is Your Love came out, seeing the tour with my ex, buying the maxi-singles, going to clubs and hearing those mixes on the dancefloor It was such a great time to be a Whitney fan and, sadly, it was truly the last great era in my opinion.

Seeing the names of Thunderpuss and Moto Blanco remixing Whitney songs in 2022 is nice as I miss those big, epic remixes. They don't seem to be as popular nowadays but they will always be special to me. And Whitney had a number fantastic remixes, especially in the '90s.
Don’t Cry for Me reminds me of the Aaliyah single they released last year (Poison). There is a good song there but there’s only so much you can do with such a compressed vocal file. They’ve tried to clean up the sound and make it fuller with the reverb, but it inadvertently emphasises the quality issues even more.

New unreleased song from the soundtrack and I'm loving it. This is so sensual, it wouldn't sound out of place on I'm Your Baby Tonight. It reminds me of the b-side Feels So Good

So thrilled we got this out of the film. I loved this era for her, and the track fits right on I'm Your Baby Tonight.

Are there any other era-specific unreleased tracks on this soundtrack?