Whitney Houston

Just the Lonely Talking Again and Moment of Truth are gorgeous and I prefer them to half the singles from the album.

I'm Your Baby Tonight is her best album to me (though My Love Is Your Love comes close) and I'm not sure what else they could have done singles-wise other than not release Miracle. The title track, All the Man That I Need, I Belong To You, and My Name Is Not Susan are the best songs on the album. Lover for Life is stunning but not sure single material. Maybe Anymore deserved a chance? I will say Dancin' On The Smooth Edge, Feels So Good, Higher Love, and Takin' a Chance (and now, Far Enough) deserved to be on the album over Miracle, We Didn't Know and maybe I'm Knockin' but even these three are all good-great.
So has the Whitney reissue been released? It’s all over my eBay suggestions and I’m sure I preordered it somewhere but can’t remember where now. HMV online?

EDIT: is 10 Feb the release date?

@RainOnFire you picked the two additional songs from Whitney they considered as singles!

There is evidence that some pressings of Whitney had a hype sticker with Just The Lonely Talking Again noted as a future single and there is a promo CD/12” with a similar cover as Love Will Save The Day. For The Love Of You was released as a 12” in the US with a similar cover to Didn’t We Almost Have It All - I haven’t been able to find a reason for this whether it was a promo only thing or was initially considered as a second single? Some 12” even have a pink sticker over the title changing it to Didn’t We Almost Have It All.

7" and 12" non promo copies of Just The Lonely Talking Again were pressed. I have a copy of the 12".
7" and 12" non promo copies of Just The Lonely Talking Again were pressed. I have a copy of the 12".

Is it this? I like the cover even if it’s practically a copy of Love Will Save The Day. It’s the only one I don’t have from the Whitney era other than I Know Him So Well which I’ve never been fussed about.



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Not me just finding out that the tour supporting the Whitney album was called the Moment of Truth Tour.