Whitney Houston

Just had a very pleasant hour in the sun with some of the remixes from the My Love Is Your Love era - surely one of the greatest album eras ever in terms of its remixes ?! I got my life to the Junior Vasquez remixes of I Learned From The Best , and of course there’s the amazing Jonathan Peters remixes of My Love Is Your Love and the iconic Thunderpuss take on Its Not Right But It’s OK- I’ll be dancing for days !!
The very first Whitney song I remember hearing and knowing it was her was the Jonathan Peters Radio Mix of My Love Is Your Love when I was around 8 or so. The Thunderpuss mix of It's Not Right is correctly considered a classic, but it's a shame Jonathan's beautiful take on the title track has gotten a bit overshadowed in the years since.
I love the many remixes we had of Heartbreak Hotel most of all. Shame it flopped in the UK with it's weird release at Christmas time 2 years later on when other territories got it.
I found the maxi-single of It's Not Right But It's Okay/Heartbreak Hotel in a thrift shop sealed a few years ago and became oddly (so) emotional. Such fond memories of buying those mixes back then. In a store. I already had it but I wanted to buy it again.

It really was a great era and to be honest, I didn't really appreciate the album at the time. I liked the singles but was meh about the rest of it but it's a solid album overall.
FINALLY managed to get hold of the CD and DVD of "I Go To The Rock" for a reasonable price from HERE for anyone still looking. There's 15% off both and if you put SUBSCRIBE15 in at the checkout, there's a further 15% off.

Nice to see a physical release, but as you rightly say, why US only and more to the point, why didn't bother with this as a general release on CD/vinyl around the film's release itself? Such a waste.

Exactly - it's a bit late! I've contacted the UK store (Music Glue) to see if they might be getting any copies but I doubt it!
Sorry for the double post - but my order from them arrived today - so they're reliable! Listening to the album now. Her voice is stunning on these songs.
Finally got round to watching the movie - I absolutely loved it and was very surprised to see so low ratings in the reviews.
One particular thing I really liked was the focus of key musical moments in her life - I think this is how a biopic about a performing artist should be.
Using writer's demos was also interesting.

It's a shame that this didn't coincide with a reissues campaign (or at the very least - digital EPs).
I had expected much more of a plug with this film and that indeed would have included some form of a re issue campaign not to mention the soundtrack being available physical at time of release. Yet another miss handling by the estate I think.
...okay so for real what the hell is going on with Mobile Fidelity Sound Labs? I preordered the CD of their Whitney reissue in January and still haven't gotten any updates from them beyond my initial order confirmation, nor can I find anything anywhere about a release date. I did a little more digging and apparently the vinyl dropped July 26th, so hopefully it's soon...
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"Feels So Good", "Takin' a Chance", and "Higher Love" make up some of the better material from that era and they were all b-sides (and the latter is frustratingly the only one not available online anywhere outside of YouTube, and I worry it's going to stay that way now that the Kygo version is definitive).
I'm choosing to believe someone from Arista read my post because look what popped up on Friday!