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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by MissGhettoFabulous, Sep 14, 2006.

  1. [​IMG]

    We need no further proof.
  2. Wow, I really want his trenchcoat.

    She looks like she's wearing the robe she swiped from the hotel they were staying in.

    Good for her. As long as he keeps her nose-candy free, I could give two shits how old her boyf is.
  3. Ahh, were you a fan of the show too? Classic Whitney!
  4. He likely wouldn't give it mind, boo. Mr Ray J is into peeing on girls (allegedly). Honestly Miss Whitney walk the hell away from that loser!


    Paris' BFF's Sex Tape -- It's a Pisser

    Posted Jan 17th 2007 1:52PM by TMZ Staff

    Kim KardashianTMZ has confirmed the existence of a raunchy sex tape starring Paris Hilton's best friend Kim Kardashian and Brandy's brother Ray J -- and we're told the tape is leaving Paris high and dry.

    A source tells TMZ that he previewed the tape, and several porn companies are lobbying for rights to sell it. The tape includes various sexual acts, including oral sex ... and without getting too graphic, water sports. Someone who saw the tape tells TMZ Kim is wet and wild.

    TMZ spoke with SugarDVD.com, who offered Kim a staggering $2 million for exclusive rights. SugarDVD, the largest renter of adult DVDs online, has also told the socialite's representatives that if Kim signs the deal, they will also make her the official spokesperson for their company.

    Clebs Exposed -- Click to LaunchSugarDVD has also requested a meeting with Kim and Paris. They believe that Paris is against the deal, one of the reasons that Kardashian has not yet sold the tape. Kim Kardashian, who has a fashion consulting business, is the daughter of OJ Simpson's late attorney and best buddy, Robert Kardashian. Paris Hilton's revealing sex tape "One Night in Paris" sold almost a million copies.

    Calls to Kardashian's rep were not returned
  5. Whitney is whack y'all!

    Bitch needs to get back into the studio and get an album out. I want a full on disco Whitney album.
  6. vasilios

    vasilios Guest

    Well she could cover It's Raining (from) Men!
  7. Re: New Miss Whitney pics - she looks great. Now, make an album girl!

    Latest pictures of Miss Whitney. She was at the pre-Grammys party and news is a new album is scheduled for the fall. Go head Miss Whitney!
  8. She just wants everyone to bog off so she can stuff her face before it gets cold.

    And quite rightly too.

    Clive Davis has a slightly sinister air in these pix.

  9. I love seeing Nippy getting her stuff back together and looking this good. I still fear that THE VOICE is no longer there.

    The other day I spent hours on youtube looking for her videos, and trying to get together most of her recent performances. I was deadly scaried of her Divas 2003 'Try it On My Own' rendition, where the voice was DEVASTED and just NOWHERE, it was sad to see that performance and see her asking the backup singer to go along and cover her scream. But eventually I found the footage of her 2004 Chinese concerts and the voice was A LOT better, ok, still BAD but much better than the DIVAS performance one.

    I need to hear a new song or a new performance ('family first' NO, I want to believe that song was recorded when she was still on crack) just to be sure of what to expect. Hopefully THE VOICE is still there
  10. Is anyone interested in hearing new things from Whitney?
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  11. I don't see it happening anytime soon. Diana Ross has had her tribulations and all she has to show for a comeback is a ghastly sounding concept album named 'I Love You' in which she covers all her favourite love songs...

    I hope to never hear it.
  12. Ah yea, but Diana does not have Clive Davis. Where Whitney's comeback is concerned, i'd say failure is not an option.

    Despite all her personal drama, she never lost 'it' as such, she just lost good songs. This is where Clive Davis comes in. I'm 99% sure he was not involved in Just Whitney, it was LA Reid who took over from Clive, and the songs were co-written by Whitney and Bobby and they were all defiant tracks like 'It's time for me to do it on my own', protest love songs to Bobby like 'Love That Man' and 'My Love', and answer back's to the media 'Watchulookinat'. Whilst i adore the album, it was never gonna happen.

    Her comeback will be one of the greatest comebacks sinceher last comeback, i'm pretty confident of that, without hearing any material. I read that Akon is involved, which makes perfect sense to me. The guy is today, what Wyclef was back in the day, and look what happened there with 'Your Love Is My Love'.

    All Whitney needs, is great songs for her to sing.
  13. If she's still got a good enough voice and can find the right songs, she'll do fine.
  14. There was a long gap between the Bodyguard songs and her next big hits (It's Not Right But It's OK and My Love Is Your Love) - I think someone like Whitney just needs the right material and she'll be huge again. I'd like a mixture of the above "urban" material with some dancier stuff eg Step By Step.

    While we're not on the subject, what is Cher up to these days?
  15. Cathy Dennis was writing with Rodney Jerkins a few years ago with songs for Whitney in mind.
  16. Decomposing?
  17. Well Whitney sold very well with her soundtracks, which might not have been all her own performances yet she remained a huge draw in my opinion - her star had yet to 'fade' as it were. I'm glad there's appreciation for Step By Step - Annie Lennox sang the original, which I'd love to hear. Also, the remix of Want That Man showed even as she was relatively flopping she could still muster up the odd gem. Audiences would just go crazy to hear her sing magnificently again - the wig sticking to her sweaty forehead, the full works.

    On the Cher front, she was rumoured to have filmed the commercial for a Cher fragrance due in the summer, and she must be working hard to lose some of her gained weight in time for 2008 - the debut of her Vegas show. I suspect/hope the new album will be dropping this 'fall' but rumours have sadly been denied I think, which I interpreted as her people not wanting any news to leak when they don't want it to.
  18. Don't suppose you know if there's any truth to the rumours that Cher's new album will be a 2-disc affair; one side rock ballads and the other dance so everyone's a winner? I'd love it to be true!
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