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Whitney Houston

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by MissGhettoFabulous, Sep 14, 2006.

  1. Wow. That was amazing. Jennifer has such an amazing voice!

    You could tell Whitney was really loving it too.
  2. IotV

    IotV Guest

    It was good... very good... but not a patch on the original (I know it was a cover, but the original of JH's cover) Whitney version.
  3. The beginning was a bit boring and I felt didn't quite have the sincerity, or emotional appeal of Whitney, or even Dolly, but once Jennifer lets rip, she can really belt them out and she really turned it around for me.
  4. And just like that, Dolly had the funds for a new hair-piece.
  5. This almost touches Beyonce/Alexandra in moments of epicness (if it was actually a duet, I think my laptop would explode).

    I wish Whitney could still sing like this.
  6. IotV

    IotV Guest

    It really does show, though, just what an incredible singer Whitney was, doesn't it? An excellent singer in JH can't get anywhere near Whitney's cover.
  7. I actually disagree with this. As much as I love Whitney's original, I thought Jennifer nailed it!
  8. Much though I love Whitney, I've always thought her version was delivered with all the emotion of someone ordering stamps.
  9. Yeah, I'm semi-inclined to agree with that, although it could be because Whitney's version has been exhausted through being over-played.
    Just seen this and JHud completely killed it, it was AMAZING. I think I prefer Jennifer's voice singing it. And you gotta love Whitney mouthing the words back to her and bounding all over the show like an over excited puppy.

    Seriously how the fuck did that woman not win American Idol when she was on it?!
  10. I'm so glad she didn't though. All those things she's done since then wouldn't have happened.
  11. potatosalad

    potatosalad Guest

    Leona sings this song better than anyone else.
  12. multimediac17

    multimediac17 Moderator

    Nobody does this better than Dolly Parton. They might sing it better but her version has infinitely more feeling, much more power to it.

    I'd rather hear someone singing who believes in the words coming out of their mouth than someone technically perfect but emotionally vacant.
  13. Mvnl

    Mvnl Staff Member

  14. Leona doesn't come close to Whitney.

    Although none of the diva arrangements seem to have much emotion. Although I think it depends on what context you put the lyrics in. Thinking of Whitney's version as a love song doesn't work, imo. But I read on another forum about it being played at the funeral of a mother of some young children. That always manages to make me feel something.
  15. multimediac17

    multimediac17 Moderator

    It's an odd choice for a funeral song, some of the lyrics...

    "If I should stay I would only be in your way"

    "We both know I'm not what you need"

    But I suppose they play 'Every Breath You Take' at weddings so sometimes people just ignore the inappropriate parts of a song!
  16. Best Female Singers (aka those who can still sing):

    1. Celine Dion
    2. Jennifer Hudson
    3. Christina Aguilera
    4. Faith Hill
    5. Martina McBride

    These women outshine anyone in my opinion....Jennifer Hudson will be around for a very very long time.
  17. Yes. I'd rather hear Dolly talking with all that emotion than Whitney/rentadiva trying to blow the roof off.
  18. I always go back to Leona's performance. She performed it better than Whitney in my unpopular opinion.
    11,319,409 views on YouTube.
  19. Re: Jennifer Hudson performs “I Will Always Love You” for Whitney Houston

    Out of everyone mentioned in this thread so far I can't see anyone doing this http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tYFHAvULvJ0 (especially from the 3:50 mark) no-one could touch Whitney in her prime vocally.
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