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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by IotV, Dec 19, 2011.

  1. Yes. The Annie Lennox backing vocals are quite clear to my ears on the chorus.
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  2. Indeed, it's so cool that you can hear fellow music legend Annie in the background.
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  3. Annie's prominent backing vocals are one of my favourite things about Step By Step. Two of my favourite singers for the price of one!
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  4. As ABBA would say hehe.

  5. This is such a perfect song for letting go of stress and tension.
  6. I always run the risk of my neck snapping off completely when listening to Step By Step. Perhaps why it dazzles so much is that the full beam of Whitney just lifts up Annie's anguish into something more uninhibited than what Lennox delivers. The backing vocals frame it beyond perfection. Did they ever perform it togethet? I'm guessing anything from MLIYL onward might have been a little off-putting for Annie given Whitney was seemingly always high at this point (Cher and Elton famously refusing to share the stage with her at Divas Live because of it).
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  7. I much prefer Whitney's version to Annie's. Whitney's is so joyous and euphoric. It's kind of sad to think that at this period, her drug use was increasing.
  8. The coat in the video is very telling.
  9. Yes, so sad that factor around it too look back on I think.
  10. Have I read somehwere she was hospitalised due to drug use during the filming of Waiting to Exhale?
  11. I haven't heard that, but alas, it would not surprise me either. Her drug use was getting worse by this period.
  12. It’s documented on the recent Can I Be Me documentary that she OD’d on set during filming Waiting to Exhale.....
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  13. That's so sad. I can't remember them saying that, kind of make sense though giving everything happening at the time with her.
  14. I think it was the bodyguard guy who commented throughout how he highlighted the drug use and felt helpless as the company, family, business....Everything was linked so he was “let go”. The whole Whitney story still makes me sad. But she said it herself - she was her own worst enemy.
  15. Yes, in the very end only Whitney could really help herself. Such a tragic waste.
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  16. Playing the I'm Your Baby Tonight album atm, and partying like it's 1991! Amazing record. The title track is easily one of her best as is the sublime All The Man That I Need.
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  17. Last minute or so of So Emotional. The birth of New Jack Swing / Swing Beat?
  18. It's so good! Groovy jams like I Belong to You and the amazing cut Dancin' On The Smooth Edge work so well with the boppier My Name Is Not Susan/title track/Higher Love.
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  19. Yes, it has the best of both worlds on it I think. Classic Whitney from the first 2 albums, but with a more harder edge.
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