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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by IotV, Dec 19, 2011.

  1. It certainly is one wonderful album. The whole singles run from it is my favourite run of all albums too. Miracle aside! But the US only thankfully got that as a single!
  2. 5 Star's 'The Slightest touch' transformed a reasonable filler track to an absolute classic!
  3. Yep!
  4. I prefer the album version of Slightest Touch.
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  5. Love this and don't care.
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  6. I’d have preferred her to lead the era with Tell Me No......love that track.
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  7. Another good one I do agree!
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  8. Yes! Great song, "It's time for you to strike back"
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  9. Did anyone mention I Wish You Love is now out on double purple vinyl?
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  10. I know Just Whitney was released a low point in Whitney's career and personal life, but there are some great songs on it, including Tell Me No, One of Those Days, Love That Man, Things You Say. Actually I pretty much like the whole album save for You Light Up My Life.
  11. LOVE that bit!
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  13. That one too! I think Whitney's personal life and the Diane Sawyer interview affected how people perceived the album.

    I think Whitney's defiance (defensiveness... denial?) also turned people off. I still found a lot of her singing passionate and powerful on the album.
  14. Sometimes deep and personal albums can take a long time to get recognition. Over 15 years later, Just Whitney, still seems to lack that I think.
  15. “I wanna see the receipts”
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  16. That never gets dull! Never.
  17. A PR disaster.....WTF was going on behind the scenes with her people even letting her do that interview with no voice and then being all defiant about the drugs.....not the best move. Reality sadly.
  18. Indeed. An hour-long hot mess in which the album it was supposed to be promoting was hardly mentioned. She came across terribly in it. That and 'Whatchulookinat' between them effectively killed off the album's chances at the first hurdle.

    'Whatchulookinat' might be her worst-ever (or certainly most ill-judged) single, although I have a personal dislike for 'Didn't We Almost Have It All'.
  19. The only thing I hate about Didn't We Almost Have It All, is that it didn't have a proper video, just that live one.
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  20. Didn't We Almost Have It All is incredible.
    That live video is incredible.
    The artwork is incredible.

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