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Whitney Houston

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by IotV, Dec 19, 2011.

  1. The interview, while the origins of many great memes and quotes, was really revealing. The bits with Bobby especially. A definite look into her life at that time, which I suppose is the point, but a PR disaster.
  2. I agree 1100% about the song and THAT artwork!
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  3. The artwork's nice (although she's a bit washed-out in it - the photo from the 1987 tour programme from the same photo session that's in colour makes her look completely different):


    The live version is quite nice. The studio version stinks. The production is so overdone and hamfisted it's absurd.
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  4. Love that tour programme!!
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  5. Mad to think it's now been 6 years since Whitney's passing. Still such a loss.
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  6. On the brighter side, MTV Love ,just played the Shep Pettibone single remix video version for So Emotional! How I love this! My go to version always, never gets any airplay normally though.
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  7. I've just been listening to the 'Cool Down' disc of Whitney: The Greatest Hits, and what a stunning collection of down tempos it was. From the soulful You Give Good Love, Saving All My Love For You, to big power ballads such as Didn't We Almost Have It All and All At Once, to the more chilled out R&B of Exhale, what an evolution. Whitney may be remembered for her love songs more than anything, and with a such strong selection of these, not a surprise . Oh, and Same Script ,Different Cast, should have been the Whitney huge hit equivalent of The Boy Is Mine! Total class. Rip The Voice on this anniversary day.
  8. Aside from a couple of weird (unworthy) inclusions, Whitney's (first incarnation) Greatest Hits truly belongs up there with The Immaculate Collection and Discography.

    Not sure in which thread this is from, but this interview with Quincy Jones is rather creepy. He comes off as a conspiracy theorist kinda guy
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  9. Yes, overall,Whitney The Greatest Hits, is a solid best of record and near enough the whole story, considering alas not much new material followed since.
  10. I thought I was alone in my love for Same Script, Different Cast! I absolutely love it and it should have been massive. I love a bit of Deborah Cox and she and Whitney's voices complement each other so well. The dance mixes are ace too.

    "Go away, leave us the hell alone!"
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  11. It's class personified! Even that intro feels more like a more wordly wise version of The Boy Is Mine! I honestly think it would have been another big US hit for her, if handled more right than it actually was.
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  12. My only problem with her Greatest Hits was that they used a few remixes instead of the originals.
    I think her definitive hits collection is The Ultimate Collection, Perfect from start to finish.
  13. For a single CD, The Ultimate Collection is very strong - all killer, no filler

    But I do like Greatest Hits.
  14. That's generally true for all of her performances. You don't even get 40% of Whitney if you only listen to her studio stuff, she brings such raw power and emotion to even the most maudlin songs, she is a sensational performer. Going on a youtube Whitney live deep dive is what made me a fan.
  15. Hard to believe 6 years have passed. Of all the icons who have died, I was most affected by Whitney (up until George)..... I couldn’t stop crying. Her music meant so much to me and so many and that talent........wasted. I agree Same Script should’ve been pushed......great duet. I quite like a lot of Whitney remixes and actually just discovered yesterday spookily enough the Rodney Jerkins remix of It’s Not Right But It’s Okay.......very downtempo and soulful. I could go on and on but won’t.
  16. Thankfully, in the UK and Europe, we got Disc 2 all of the up-tempos in their original and shall I say superior form, with the exception of Queen Of The Night, which elevates it to an even bigger bop anyway!
  17. Yes, Whitney's passing was the biggest blow to me, one of my all time favourite artists, and 6 years on now, still hard to think she's really gone. Still, her legacy will live forever, no doubt about that.
  18. I do prefer the UK single mix of I’m Your Baby Tonight by Yvonne Turner..... the original just lacks something in my view
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  19. Amen to this! I much prefer this too, actually forgot about that not as great American mix for a 2nd! The Yvonne Turner mix, has much more oomph and way more sassy.

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