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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by IotV, Dec 19, 2011.

  1. My co-worker wore this yesterday at work!
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  2. I think I Look To You is a brilliant album, the best we could've hoped for. Some of it hasn't aged well (Like I Never Left - but nothing with Akon on it ages well). And then it has some incredible R&B tracks: Salute and Call You Tonight.
  3. Perfect taste in clothes!
  4. I do have a soft spot for I Look To You. I can remember reading that a new Whitney Houston album was on its way and was already intrigued as the whole Just Whitney era had passed me by completely (was only 12 then and it had flopped in the UK). So, was keen to see what this new Whitney material would sound like. Million Dollar Bill became an instant modern day Whitney classic for me ,and was thrilled it became a top 5 hit for her in the UK and hung around for a good while too. The title track never fails to bring a tear to my eye ,and promo tracks, Didn't Know My Own Strength and Nothin But Love ,are so empowering hard not to love.

    In all its hard to not think of how the big comeback only was end in tragedy just over 2 years later with this album, but ,it's still a solid listen and a worthy enough final hurrah for a all time music legend.
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  5. This talk of I Look To You ,has made me put on the album in full for the first time in ages ,and am loving it!
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  6. Call You Tonight, really was a missed single moment, or at least I think so!
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  7. This was my jam from the I look to you album.

    It did annoy me that it mentioned 3 minutes but the track was 4.14. The first mention of 3 minutes is at 57 seconds so I suppose at that point there was just over 3 minutes left. I may be over thinking it. (Don't get me started on Madonnas 4 minutes)
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  8. I always used when first listening to the album, get confused both Worth It and For The Lovers, seeing as the former also says 'for the lovers' quite alot within it!
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  9. Salute should’ve been a single I think. Was fresh and stand out for me.
  10. Salute is a brilliant song .Love the line where she says don't call it a comeback.
  11. I seriously thought Spotify had messed up the track listing when I listened to it last night.
  12. Glad it's not just me who has often thought this then!
  13. I like Nothin' But Love, I Got You, and Call You Tonight. Million Dollar Bill needs better production, but is enjoyable. The rest... no thanks.
  14. Call You Tonight, I Got You, Salute and I Look To You are the best of the lot on that album.
  15. I Got You is the only song I can't really gell with. It's ok but lacks that extra something for me.
  16. It got it here!

  17. YES! I love the original ,but this is my go too version every time .
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  18. Yes, they did some good mixes for 'Million Dollar Bill'. The Frankie Knuckles mix (I think the only time he ever remixed one of her tracks?) is also excellent.
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  19. Would be fantastic if a proper updated Whitney remix album of all her carrer surfaced one day.
  20. The great thing about the I Look To You album was that everything was so carefully crafted to make her sound great, despite the obvious changes to her voice. It perfectly matched her new, textured vocals to the high expectations of a Whitney album, while modernising everything - it was perfect then and has aged wonderfully.

    From the interviews she gave at the time with Clive, I have the impression that they really took the time to nail exactly what the public wanted from her, Million Dollar Bill being the uptempo hit and I Look To You/ Didn't Know My Own Strength being the essential ballads.

    It's just such a shame that she didn't record anything outside of what we have on the album, I don't believe there's a vault of songs recorded that never saw the light of day. As a bittersweet final release, it's beautiful.
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