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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by IotV, Dec 19, 2011.

  1. [​IMG]

    ALWAYS puts me in a good mood!
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  2. Love this demo. Remember this was online months before her comeback and I was loving it, even with that fool Akon on it. Don't like the album version anywhere near as much.

    This is the original demo version of the song from 2009, not the album version. The difference in the demo version and the album version, is the demo version do not have the high notes at the end, instead, Whitney uses her signature runs/melismatic skills instead. I really like this version because It is just signature Whitney. Word is, there is a solo version out there with just Whitney singing both versus and no Akon, but we have yet to hear that version. Clive did not like the ending of this version so he made Whitney go back and add the high notes at the end, the ones we hear on the final, album version.
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  3. Thanks for this!
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  4. I would love to hear those four special mixes!
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  5. Same! To say I adore this song, is a severe understatement.
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  6. The Whitney album is like a greatest hits in itself. What an era!
  7. Indeed, 5 classic singles, and all major hits in their own right.
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  8. I refuse to give up hope of a deluxe expanded Whitney 2CD remaster. We can will this into existence!
  9. I alas have very much given up on this!
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  11. Ok my sis!
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  12. Honestly, I've always preferred the single version to the album mix.
  13. Thank you!
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  14. The single version's just an edit of the album version isn't it? It always sounded a bit too sped up to me - Jellybean had a habit of doing this to vocals on his production.

    This mix is my favourite - not only does it feature the vocals not sped up, but it also contains some vocal ad libs that don't appear in any other version:

  15. Thanks,, shall happily listen to this.
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  16. My favourite. I was JUST playing the cassette single (backed with a Jellybean remix/edit of "How Will I Know")!
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  17. Hurrah! Good taste too.
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  18. I thought I had this but it seems the one I have from the Formel Eins compilation is a different Jellybean & Morales Remix.
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  19. Loving all the Love Will Save The Day love! Really is such a a brilliant song.
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