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Whitney Houston

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by IotV, Dec 19, 2011.

  1. Went to see Belinda Davids in "The Whitney Houston Show" in Manchester at the weekend. I wasn't expecting much - the YouTube clips don't always do her justice. I thought "well she's quite like Whitney I suppose".

    But live, she's very impressive and it's quite an emotional show. Particularly enjoy when she sings I Have Nothing along with a performance of Whitney showing on screen.

    By the end, some of the audience seemed to have really suspended their disbelief and went nuts when she walked up and down the aisles, trying to touch her and screaming "I love you Whitney!".

    It's an almost perfect setlist too, really reminds you what an incredible back catalogue she has. A couple of nice surprises like "Exhale", and one of the unexpected highlights was "Million Dollar Bill", which had everyone up on their feet.

    Anyway would recommend you go see her if you get the chance!
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  2. Cool review there thanks!!
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  3. I usually detest tribute acts because they are usually dreadful and an extremely pale imitation of the original but I cut them some slack if the artist is dead.

    I have to say on paper anyone imitating Whitney is just a no no for me but I've seen this lady before on TV and she seems very enjoyable.
  4. I saw the Whitney Queen Of Night tribute show that was touring the Uk last year. I quite enjoyed it too if of course if not quite the same.
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  5. I saw that too and two gays in the row in front were very vocal about how "Whitney" wasn't good enough and stormed out at the interval!
  6. Talk about a hissy fit!!
  7. Corrected
  8. Haha!
  9. This trailer looks amazing. Pretty emotional seeing all those clips set to I Have Nothing.

    But seeing so many of those leeches is upsetting.

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  10. I went to see this! It was a fantastic show, really feel good. Loved My Love Is Your Love in it and the dancers were great too. She has a fantastic voice.
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  11. I bet there'll be no mention of Robyn in this Whitney film.
  12. Looking forward to this. Whitney never fails to fascinate me.
  13. I mean Dancing On My Own is good but nah I don't see it.
    I get what you mean. I stan Robyn and she was Whitney's saviour, such a shame.
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  14. True, mad how's been almost airbrushed out of Whitney history.
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  15. The intro shot of Cissy with the light just glowing tells me everything I need to know about which narrative this film is going to present.
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  16. I can't warm to Cissy Houston I must admit. Something about her I just find so cold. Still, she raised and taught a music legend, so am always thankful for that.
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  17. Can't see this in the UK.

    Can see these tho!

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  18. Never tire of this. NEVER.
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  19. She admitted she would disown Whitney if she was gay, and that’s enough for me. Fuck Cissy.
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  20. This remains Cissy's only iconic moment

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