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Whitney Houston

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by IotV, Dec 19, 2011.

  1. Cissy forever pressed over the (more successful) careers of others!
  2. Yep!

  3. Always gotta find time anyday to bop to this all party classic.
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  4. The irony of being homophobic when your name is Cissy...
  5. Ha, so very true!
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  6. I went to see Queen of the Night touring show last night, was really good fun. Always a pleasure to hear Whitney’s music being kept alive. Very talented group too of singers.
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  7. I saw the same show last year, and I too felt very much the same. Her legacy of classics, should never be allowed to be forgotten.

    Is this from the Aretha performance of Rolling In The Deep!? Where my partner said out loud "who is this relative of Aretha getting paid to not even bother singing?"

    I never knew that it was Miss Cissy Houston aka Original Performer Of Midnight Train To Georgia TM
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  9. I Wanna Dance With Somebody is still one of the greatest pop records ever made. It still sounds fresh today 31 years after release.
    It epitomised everything about Whitney in 1987. Utterly amazing.
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  10. This not having a multicoloured super perm thumb annoys me!
  11. Yeah I remember trying to front and hate it as a 14 year old because it overshadowed Madonna's Who's That Girl but yes. Anthem.
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  12. Anthem of the year it was I suspect!

  13. God, what a legend!
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  14. Seeing Whitney live at her peak must have been akin to a religious experience!
  15. This!
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  16. I have seen most of the great pop divas in concert but Whitney and Donna Summer would have been something special. The sheer power of their voices live must have been phenomenal.
  17. Indeed, both magical voices both of them. Sad how they both passed away just months apart too.
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  18. Personally, I would have been a fatality after she hurried off the stage on the notes of the outro with this magical, impossible, unreal, beamed-down-from-heaven performance of
  19. Very true!

  20. How could Whitney not like this lovely song? One of her most beautiful moments.
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