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Whitney Houston

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by IotV, Dec 19, 2011.

  1. A bop
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  2. Adore Million Dollar Bill, a modern day Whitney anthem that was.
  3. I’ve just made the mistake of watching the Million Dollar Bill X Facor performance and remembering how I felt for the first time seeing it
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  4. I can remember that performance so clearly!
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  5. Sad really.. the lights were kinda on and nobody was home is how it seemed.
    Her coming in totally wrong at the beginning.. to her warbling randomly .. the wardrobe malfunction.. the awkward interview. It was all just a huge big red flag.
  6. "I sang myself out of my clothes!"
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  7. Can't deny - this looks to be really good. (Hopefully you can watch this in the UK).

    And not Whitney commenting on Paula Abdul...

  8. What a beautiful screengrab. Whitney was so stunning there.
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  9. Yes, I am very curious about these shots because they are from the I Wanna Dance With Somebody video but the background looks different. I hope we get a lot of never seen photos and B-roll footage.
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  10. Eek.


  11. Very disturbing news.
  12. I read this last night, and I completely believe the allegations. Whitney and her family's lives were fraught with so much sadness, hurt, and poor decisions, and it's easy to take this as a cause for many of the other issues that arose later on. Tragic is an understatement.

    (To clarify for anyone who doesn't clock the link and only sees 'Warwick', it was Dee-Dee that has been accused, not Dionne. Dionne is claiming no knowledge of the abuse, and Dee-Dee has already passed away from heart issues and cocaine.)
  13. Seems that early word was only half-right - all Whitney's family gave access, authorisation and interviews BUT according to reviews, MacDonald simply presents their opinions without legitimising them. In many instances they're completely undermined by footage included...

    I guess that this will be the documentary we wanted Can I Be Me to be...
  14. I read a review this morning (maybe Variety?) that mentioned "Aunt Mary" and her revelations - it said she confirms that Whitney believed abuse to have occurred and that she (Mary) believes that the abuse prevented Whitney from finding peace and happiness with her adult sexuality.

    This made me sad on the one hand (for obvious reasons) but also gave me a warmth (namely, that an older generation Christian person doesn't believe that Whitney's homosexuality or bisexuality were caused by abuse, more that the abuse affected Whitney's own view of her already-existing sexuality - for all the talk of Cissy's views and the family's strict religious attitudes, it's nice to know that Whitney had somebody close who both cared very much for her and also accepted that her sexuality was natural and not "wrong").

    I'll definitely be watching this - so glad that it doesn't seem to be "propaganda"...
  15. I loved Whitney and am still a huge fan of the music but her life and family were and are a mess. I actually think Can I Be Me may be more objective by interviewing people like her bodyguard who produced documents around his concerns. It seems those closest to her didn’t have her best interests at heart, not in life or in death as the tragedy of Bobbi Kristina showed. Will watch this new film but at this point would rather remember and enjoy Whitney’s talent and music.
  16. If Whitney can do one positive thing as a film, is the clips which will hopefully showcase once again, what a truly gifted and talented vocal genius she really was. And always should be remembered as too.
  17. Stumbling into this thread and just seeing this. I thought Can I Be Me was genuine and pretty good overall (if extremely depressing). Did I miss something? Did others react differently?

    I actually feared this doc would be the hack job, but glad it doesn't sound like it.
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  18. Other artists got posthumous albums and reissues, Whitney got posthumous movied and documentary ! Amen...
  19. Don't know why it's just a couple of days I can't stop listening to this

    It's not even on the International release of her Whitney GH.
  20. The Vegas resicency would have lasted decades...
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