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Whitney Houston

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by IotV, Dec 19, 2011.

  1. I am screaming at the Paula Abdul shade. The fucking accuracy!
  2. I wish she finally will get expanded and remastered editions.
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  4. VERY tough! Though will say video 2 if really had to pick!
  5. That really needs to happen. Especially her first 4 albums.

    I do wonder with those albums, during the sessions for Whitney Houston, Whitney, and I'm Your Baby Tonight, whether there's any unreleased tracks languishing in the archives - or if what's on the albums is all she recorded for them. Surely she must have some unreleased 80s tracks?
  6. It would be seriously amazing, if at least a couple of gems from these album era's, were found and then unleashed from the vaults. Truly would.
  7. Seen this in Penneys/Primark and had to have it.
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  8. Can't say I blame you! Think I need it too now!
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  9. Hasn’t it already been said that there is none?

    Then again I had no idea that they had her Run to You performance. Always thought that one was a myth.
  10. Hopefully one day, some surprises could happen.
  11. Whitney and Jermaine sang a version of Don't Look any Further. It was shelved. So, there must be stuff that Clive is holding onto...

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  12. Now this does give me some hope!
  13. Also, Id like in good quality her rendition of Higher Love...
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  14. Plus Takin' A Chance too! Fun little song that one I think.
  15. [​IMG]

    Couldn't resist! The utlimate Whitney anthem (for me) and my personal favourite song of the entire 1980's!
  16. That is one powerfully erotic tee shirt!
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  17. I thought so too! Had to have it of course!
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  18. New poster for the upcoming film just released - love the choice of image:
  19. The best Whitney of all!

    She was never more beautiful.
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