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Who are the most successful X Factor contestants in order?

Discussion in 'The X Factor' started by Cowboystyle, Jul 7, 2013.

  1. I was going to say from any X Factor but there hasn't really been any international success from any other country's X Factor has there? Obviously the top of the list would consist of

    One Direction
    Leona Lewis
    Olly Murs
    Cher Lloyd
    Little Mix

    and to some extent

    Rebecca Ferguson
    Alexandra Burke
    Shayne ward
    James Arthur (his winners single has seen chart success in quite a few countires, something that has not really been managed before)
    JLS (haven't had much, if any, international success but have had a lot of success in the UK)

    It would be great if someone had any sales info to help this thread along.
  2. You're forgetting Melanie Amaro!

  3. Shayne Ward has sold a LOT of albums, just not recently.
  4. Not strictly X Factor, but Agnes (Release Me) won Swedish Idol.

    Loreen came from Swedish Idol too, ended up finishing fourth. This further perpetuates the "fourth is best theory", with icons like Cher Lloyd and Diana Vickers sharing the godly position.
  5. I agree with those two lists, there's definitely a handful of top tier successes and a handful of middling successes. One Direction and Leona are definitely top, in that order, but I really don't know who's been more successful out of Cher, Olly and Little Mix. I'm sure Olly is the biggest sales wise but he's had much longer than the other two. Interesting thought though.
  6. Well, let's start with who from UK X-Factor has released one or more Top 40 singles and/or albums -

    Series 1
    Steve Brookstein

    Series 2
    Shayne Ward
    Andy Abraham
    Journey South
    Chico Slimani
    Maria Lawson

    Series 3
    Leona Lewis
    Ray Quinn
    Ben Mills

    Series 4
    Leon Jackson
    Rhydian Roberts
    Same Difference

    Series 5
    Alexandra Burke
    Diana Vickers
    Laura White

    Series 6
    Joe McElderry
    Olly Murs
    Stacey Solomon

    Series 7
    Matt Cardle
    Rebecca Ferguson
    One Direction
    Cher Lloyd
    Mary Byrne
    Aiden Grimshaw

    Series 8
    Little Mix
    Marcus Collins
    Amelia Lily
    Misha B

    Series 9
    James Arthur
    Union J

    A lot less than I first thought, actually (please feel free to add anyone I've missed)...

    I think One Direction followed by Leona Lewis... then I really don't know... do international sales count? Does the fact that Olly Murs and Little Mix had huge campaigns in the US (yet failed to deliver, if we're being brutal) count against them? Whereas Ferguson wasn't far off their positions with much less expenditure? JLS have had a bigger career than any of them if only the UK is counted. Cher Lloyd has had great success with 1.5 singles in the USA but her UK sales are low. Alexandra Burke managed consistent hits and a solid album campaign (better than Little Mix in the UK, arguably?)

  7. You've got a couple of people from X Factor who went on to perform at Eurovision (Tom Dice, Ivi Adamou, etc) but obviously they're not at Leona levels and you could argue that any "success" they've had is more about Eurovision than X Factor.
  8. duckface

    duckface Guest

    I feel like Mollie King is the only person to have both been on X-Factor and had a consistent pop career.
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  9. innamor.

    innamor. Guest

    Someone I know thought Leona was still making hits in America. The ignorance.
  10. The fool. You need a new friend.
  11. Makes me wonder what the percentage is of the American public that still recognizes the name Leona Lewis.
  12. duckface

    duckface Guest

    Ha! Most people don't even remember who she is, and those that do hate her because Bleeding Love was more overplayed than Someone Like You.
  13. Lies! All lies!
  14. A friend of mine said that "Leona Lewis is a new Jennifer Rush", and it felt strangely accurate.
  15. innamor.

    innamor. Guest

  16. duckface

    duckface Guest

    That is probably the most incredible thing Leona has ever been involved with.

    (Other than the Sugocalypse of 2009, during which she sat in Keisha's hotel room as the latter ranted and raved over the phone to NOTW).
  17. Basically. So, it's...

    1. One Direction
    2. JLS
    3. Olly Murs
    4. Leona Lewis
    5. Mollie King
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  18. Oh god this is still the most amazing thing ever in the history of the world.
  19. I guess it's whether you measure by sales or longevity. That's why Leona's a difficult one, as her career has flatlined, but that first era was so huge worldwide, that's it's difficult to write her off and downplay her success.

    I'd definitely argue that Olly Murs is more successful than JLS, simply for the fact that for all three of his albums, the sales have been consistent (all between 600,000-1 Million in sales). With JLS you could literally plot on a graph the downward trajectory in their sales with each subsequent release.
  20. duckface

    duckface Guest

    I'd restructure that. Balancing success with longevity, I'd say:

    1. One Direction
    2. JLS
    3. Olly Murs
    4. HRH Mollie King
    5. Leona Lewis
    6. Rebecca Ferguson
    7. Alexandra Burke
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