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Who are the most successful X Factor contestants in order?

Discussion in 'The X Factor' started by Cowboystyle, Jul 7, 2013.

  1. Olly Murs is definitely more successful than Ella and Alexandra, let's be honest here...
  2. Little Mix will be more successful than Olly after their next era.
  3. I always forget that Olly has some steady success in the UK. Radio 2, its impact!
  4. 1. One Direction
    2. Leona Lewis
    3. Olly Murs
    4. JLS
    5. Little Mix
    6. Alexandra Burke
  5. 01. One Direction
    02. Leona Lewis
    03. Little Mix
    04. Olly Murs
    05. Alexandra Burke
    06. Rebecca Ferguson
    07. JLS
    08. Ella Henderson
    09. Fleur East
    10. Union J
  6. There are also X Factor alum who haven't been that successful musically, but have done really well in other things as a result of the launchpad X Factor gave them. Rylan is the most prominent example, but Matt Cardle is a millionaire now as a result of investing sensibly in luxury drinks brands, and has a decent career in the West End to boot. I imagine Jedward are fairly comfortable as well, because of all the exposure X Factor allowed them to have on CBB and Eurovision.
  7. Stacey Solomon.
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  8. Steady? Hen he has two 3xPlatinum albums and one 4xPlatinum album.
  9. Olly is easily the 3rd most successful ever, followed by JLS.

    Little Mix are nowhere near either of them
  10. I think you might be underestimating Little Mix.

    I don't know how accurate this is but someone posted recently in Little Mix's thread that they are now passed 10 million records sold worldwide, which if memory serves me correctly basically ties them with JLS and also isn't that far from Olly.
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  11. 1. One Direction
    2. Olly Murs
    3. Little Mix
    4. Leona Lewis
    5. JLS
    6. Cher Lloyd
    7. Rebecca Ferguson
    8. Alexandra Burke
    9. Ruth Lorenzo (ES)
    10. Jedward
  12. How many of these 10 million sales were albums ??
  13. 1.5, Little Mix have sold 12m records. They've surpassed JLS.
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  14. JLS sold 1.4 million of with their first album, in the UK alone !! and have another 2 x Platinum album a Platinum and 2 Gold albums. Had 10 top 10 singles including 5 No1's.

    I've no doubt Little Mix will overtake them but let's not be premature.
  15. Yes whereas Little Mix are the most certified girl group of all time in Australia, have actually managed to gain two top 10 albums in America and have notched up over 10m single sales around the world. JLS have them trumped on album sales but that's literally all.
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  16. I wonder who the LEAST successful contestant is? Like, how many just wander off back to their ordinary lives immediately after elimination and never try to make a go of music again?
  17. Tesco Mary works in Sainsburys now.
  18. Betrayer
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  19. Girlband from Series 5 broke up before the final, so they probably win.
  20. Little Mix have put up about 2m sales of albums worldwide now. Their last album actually moved them to the #1 current girl group in sales alone, passing AKB48. They shouldn't be all that far off JLS's total at this point, especially if you add in streaming.

    One of the guys from FYD in One Direction's season was back on the show as a backing dancer week 5.
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