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Who are the most successful X Factor contestants in order?

Discussion in 'The X Factor' started by Cowboystyle, Jul 7, 2013.

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    Poor, forgotten Diana Vickers. I really hope she releases another album.
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  2. Being certified in Aus means nothing Platinum is only 70k

    Their US album sales are less than 250k Despite the ridiculous spin about them having the highest charting debut single by a UK girl band of all time or whatever that was.

    And album sales are what matters

    Anyway. I'm sure it's all very close between them and nothing to argue about
  3. Surely it's

    1. One Direction
    2. Leona Lewis
    3. JLS
    4. Little Mix
    5. Alexandra Burke
    6. Cher Lloyd
    7. Olly Murs
    8. Shayne Ward
    9. Rebecca Ferguson
    10. Matt Cardle
    11. Jedward
    12. Union J

    Factoring in not just album and single sales, but overall popularity and profitability.
  4. Ruth Lorenzo has to be in there if Jedward are. Sold heaps internationally, and the Eurovision exposure didn't harm either.
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  5. Little Mix have been more successful than JLS... come on.
  6. 1. One Direction
    2. Leona Lewis
    3. Little Mix
    4. Olly Murs
    5. JLS
    6. Alexandra Burke
    7. Shayne Ward
    8. Cher Lloyd
    9. Rebecca Ferguson
    10. Matt Cardle
    11. Jedward
    12. Union J

    How's this?
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  7. Rebecca Ferguson had a platinum-selling album so I'd out her above Shayne and surely Stacy Solomon is worth a mention purely for being a household name?
  8. Shayne had at least two successful album eras, no?
  9. It's a shame it took Stacey 6 years to get an album out. She definitely would have benefited from a Mother's Day rush release after X Factor with her gorgeous covers of Rule The World and What A Wonderful World.
  10. I'm sure she isn't complaining to be fair!

    She struck me as the kind of contestant who'd be happier with a reality TV title, multiple TV appearances and successful fashion lines than a covers album.
  11. Shayne Ward had 2 platinum albums and a silver one. He also had No 1 and 2 No2 singles.

    Rebecca has 1 No10 single
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    The more you know...
  13. ITV2 just showed X Factor: Top 10, which is new apparently.

    Anyway this is there top 10.

    10. Joe McElderry
    9. Jedward
    8. Shayne Ward
    7. Cher Lloyd
    6. Alexandra Burke
    5. JLS
    4. Little Mix
    3. Leona Lewis
    2. Olly Murs
    1. One Direction

    What a load of crap.

    One Direction, Leona then Olly is how it should look. They said Leona sold 10 million + which downplays her success massively when she has sold close to 30 million in reality, whereas Olly has sold around 10 million.

    Jedward and Joe should not be included in a top 10 list especially when you are missing out people like Ella and Rebecca.
  14. Olly reliably sells around 1m albums and tours double/triple arena dates in the UK and solid venues in Europe and Australia. Leona had a massive global debut era, mostly on the strength of her first single, but not much after that. All depends on what you value, and of course they are going to give better positions to the acts still with Syco if it's at all close. For me, the only easy call is a big gap between the top 5 and the rest.

    Speaking of that list, I wonder what is going on with Ella. I had heard she was at a writing camp recently. I thought that might be for her album, or is she moving behind the scenes?
  15. Any of these lists should feature Ella. Ghost was incredible, her debut album was great and her second album is about to be finished. And she was definitely more successful than Union J.
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  17. Thought we might do a little update (movers in bold, I thought it best to create a new tier of those who were unquestionably the most successful over a sustained period of time) -

    The All-Stars
    (3+ Successful Campaigns)
    One Direction - Olly Murs - Little Mix - JLS - Leona Lewis - Rebecca Ferguson (4th album released before Christmas on the same label, so first 3 were unqualified successes?)

    The Legitimate Successes:
    (1-2 Successful Campaigns)
    G4 - Shayne Ward - Alexandra Burke - Cher Lloyd - Ella Henderson - Jedward (3 albums before being dropped) - Joe McElderry (his first "Classical" album lead to another being released, so the first should count as a success?) - James Arthur

    The Moderate Success-ers:
    (Half A Successful Campaign)
    Steve Brookstein - Rhydian - Diana Vickers - Matt Cardle - Amelia Lily - Misha B - Union J - Fleur East (fingers crossed for 2017) - Louisa Johnson

    The Minimal Success-ers:
    (At Least They Released Something That Charted)
    Andy Abrahams - Journey South - Chico - Maria Lawson - Ben Mills - Leon Jackson - Same Difference - Eoghan Quigg - Stacey Solomon - Mary Byrne - Aiden Grimshaw - Marcus Collins - Lucy Spraggan - Sam Bailey - Luke Friend - Ben Haenow - Stereo Kicks - Reggie & Bollie

    The 'What Happened To'-ers
    Ruth Lorenzo - Tamera Foster (2017! 2017! 2017!)
  18. Wayyyy too many people to comment on but regarding Ruth Lorenzo she's had a few hit singles in Spain, represented them in Eurovision and does alot of TV/singing shows over there. I think her Eurovision entry also charted in the UK at least.

    I wouldn't really call Ella a legitimate success. Ghost was massive but the buzz around her died pretty quickly, and as usual, the record label have taken too long getting the second album out and now it seems nobody is really interested in her making a comeback.

    EDIT - Also Ben Haenow/Fleur had more success than Rhydian, surely?
  19. I dont know how you get Rebecca Ferguson in the top group !! 'Releasing' 4 albums isn't a measure of success the last one only sold 10k !! And she's only had 1 top 10 hit. She'd be at the lower end of the 2nd rank in my book alongside Ella and WAY behind Shane or Alexandra
  20. I think we could add Union J to the "whatever happened to" pile.

    I still can't believe their last single, and highest charting at #2, was in 2014. What the hell have they been doing?!
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