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Who are the most successful X Factor contestants in order?

Discussion in 'The X Factor' started by Cowboystyle, Jul 7, 2013.

  1. Also not sure how Cher Lloyd is a legitimate success. Out of all her releases only 'Want U Back' was a hit in America and 'Swagger Jagger'/'With Ur Love' were hits in the UK. The two albums and Oath/Sirens/I Wish did nothing basically. It's a shame to see that seven years ago she was huge on X-Factor and was predicted to have a massive future and here we are in 2017 she's only released two albums and nobody really gave a shit.
  2. I'm always more interested in this too.

    I saw a guy from Pop Idol in Tesco near Brighton not long ago looking bloated and generally sad about life.
  3. The less successful ones still make a living at the likes of Butlins. Remember seeing Chico there several years ago now.
  4. I often wonder what Sophie Habibis is doing these days. Didn't particularly like her on the show, just hope she's not back behind the bar now as she seemed a nice girl.
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  5. I don't entirely disagree - when I first did it, I classed an album campaign that resulted in another album being greenlit by the same label as "a success" but Rebecca seems to have coasted her way to 4 despite nothing comparable to her first era!

    Alexandra is OBVIOUSLY the greatest popstar ever produced by The X-Factor, yet her legacy is all centred on one campaign (and don't get me started on the quality of the material!)

    And do we count Joe McElderry's first "Classical" campaign as a success because he got a second? Despite it being "niche" at best?

    A bit difficult now...

    Plus I missed the solo One Direction-ers too...
  6. On the latest list on the other page, surely Lucy Spraggan fits more in legitimate success than minimal? Released three albums that went top 20, a bunch of tours, a lot of press (especially surrounding her wedding). Nothing about that is minimal, especially when G4 is in that category and didn't they burn out after one era?
  7. Sam Bailey sold six figures of her debut album. No hit singles, but things have changed.
  8. Surely we can now finally say that Little Mix are in second position?
  9. Hasn't Spirit sold more than all of Little Mix's albums combined?
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  10. I am pretty sure even if you only take Leona's UK sales of Spirit and all of Little Mix worldwide sales of all their albums she is still ahead.

    I do wish Leona had more of a career like Little Mix's though, where she built on each era rather than exploding on the scene and continually declining.
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  11. Yeah that's what I tought, in a way I'm glad she got her success right away, I'd hate to see her so overworked the way the LM girls are and 1D boys were.
  12. Little Mix and JLS seem like complete opposites. JLS started out huge and dwindled, Little Mix started reasonably well and are now humungous (on a bigger scale than JLS were surely?).
  13. The popularity of JLS during X-Factor and their first album campaign was pretty insane. The amount of albums they sold, the #1 huge singles, the general buzz and hysteria around them and the fact they beat out Robbie Williams in the album chart was a pretty huge deal. They were also the first X-Factor contestants who had more success than the actual winner and showed that you can still have a career as a runner-up of the show. It's pretty sad how they just completely dropped in popularity as the years went on.
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