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Who can recommend me a really cool, different dance-pop/synth pop/disco band?

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by filmnoirish, Dec 12, 2009.

  1. Trends in music that are bothering me right now:
    -The whole french touch thing a la Daft Punk, Justice, Kitsuné label
    -The nu-disco thing that basically updates the percussion heavy handclap thing and adds some balearic synths and violins is too ubiquitious and pretty boring.
    -The 8-bit thing/nu rave I truly hate
    -The weirdo synth pop/electro pop trend that tries to follow Hot Chip or Passion Pit seems tired already....

    What I'm looking for is for a new a synth pop/danceable band that is just not easy trendy stuff but that has some substance to it and brings a new, interesting sound. Hopefully a strong 80's element which I'm all over for right now. Any new finds?
  2. There's a group called the Human League that you'll love.
  3. 3Xs


    Oh....I love all those things!! :-(

    Well I have nothing for you then.
  4. I absolutely love them....I'm talking about a new band, maybe along the line of the Human League, Glass Candy, Heartbreak, Sally Shapiro. Really epic, melancholy synth pop but also kinda danceable.

    Sorry I'm terribly picky. Some sounds get tired for me after a while. Same with shoegaze. I loved shoegaze but then came a thousand shoegaze revival bands with no difference unto themselves and I got turned off.
  5. Might as well just wait for new Golfrapp.
  6. Won't that be long :/.....I guess something great might come in the wait. I just hope. I'm not finding anything that I truly feel crazy about, such as Annie or Glass Candy.

    Keep the recommendations coming, you never know.
  7. You might like Sophia Somajo and her album The Laptop Diaries. She's sort of part-Annie, part-Robyn, part-Lykke Li (but better than all three). Warm Blooded Murder and I-rony off said album.
  8. From reports, the new Goldfrapp will be anything but the afore-mentioned.
  9. Well the reports (dossiers in fact) I've seen suggest a return to the general vibe of Supernature...
  10. I thought the new Goldfrapp was going to be SUPER uptempo, not melancholy at all?
  11. vasilios

    vasilios Guest

    Simian Mobile Disco
  12. Holly Palmer - Tender Hooks
  13. Re: Who can recommend me a really cool, different dance-pop/synth pop/disco band

    Chromeo, Bag Raiders, Vitalic ... ?
  14. Re: Who can recommend me a really cool, different dance-pop/synth pop/disco band

    - Metro Area / Kelley Polar / Morgan Geist. But maybe you put them in your 2nd category ? Anyways, they are anything but boring to me. Metro Area's Caught Up is still a favourite of mine.

    - Aeroplane and Tensnake are the best disco discoveries of the last 2 years for me. Tensake's Holding Back (My Love) is amazing.

    - Mikado & early Lio (Sage comme une image, La Vérité toute nue etc) : 2 french 80's synth pop monuments.

    - Margaret Berger's second album (but surely you already know it ?)

    - Maybe you should try Donna Regina (only their Karaoke Kalk albums) ? It's a german band. Their albums can be considered too experimental and / or minimal, but they have made some wonderful synth-pop songs.
  15. Try maybe Moam, a new danish project, with the fabtastic "Last Night In Paris" using a sample of Miami Vice! Pure electro-dance with 80's effect. Love it!


    They are signed under the same label of Infernal and Ministry of Sound will release it in 2010...
  16. Try The Golden Filter.
  17. Simian Mobile Disco maybe?

    EDIT: Just noticed Vas has already suggested them.

    If we're going retro then maybe Soft Cell or Depeche Mode.
  18. Theres a REALLY COOL original band called 4.0 who are apparently going to take over the music industry in 2010, and even dominate the US charts for several weeks too.

    They have to be the most AMAZING thing ive ever seen!
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