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Who do you think is a really great singer?

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Tommy Johnson, Apr 4, 2018.

  1. (Nobody warned me).
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  2. In a good way I hope! He he.
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  3. I have most of Sarah's albums.....I am not really a fan of opera or classical singers to say the least, but she straddles the various genres of pop, rock and classical in a way that I can appreciate. Possibly because she treats each studio album like a concept, rather than just trilling the famous stuff.
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  4. My boyfriend likes a bit of Sarah Brightman too, so I played him this (gem) of a Celine album track, and even he could just about see the slight Sarah vibes in it.
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  5. But it’s so OTT. Why can’t she just sing a note straight instead of all that wavering? This is the problem I have with singers like that, I find I’m not listening to the song they’re singing, I’m listening to them doing that. And this was at her vocal peak!

    On the plus side, her hair looks nice.
  6. It has always been one of my favourite Celine Dion tracks.
  7. Amazing performance. Mariah has always been an ambitious vocalist.

    All these negative posts about Mariah’s voice are total bullshit.
  8. I actually love how diverse Mariah is when it comes to people's ears. Think you either love her, or, well you don't!
  9. Hurrah! I love it, easily one of her best and something so different compared to 'classic Celine'.
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  10. I know you won’t agree with this, but that Christmas album was death. Just her bellowing, shrieking and honking her way through songs that deserved far better. People like Mariah (for me) have no respect for the songs they sing. It’s all about their voice being showcased and cramming as many notes and tune variations in as they can.
  11. Mariah is a songwriter, so I think she has plenty of respect for the songs she sings.

    Christ, what is this hetero hell?
  12. People overlook Easther Bennett (eternal) her voice is one of the best we have ever produced just listen to I Am Blessed
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  13. Mariah had a period when she was stunning vocally, and as a songwriter. Longevity, though, is key to a truly great singer. Celine has it in spades, regardless of whether you 'like' her voice, and she has had 'it' for decades, unlike Miz Mariah.

    Did anyone mention Lea Salonga yet?
  14. So true. That vocal performance especially is just so strong.
  15. My all times are

    Karen Carpenter - no need to add more
    Lara Fabian - great technicality over the years, her voice is in overall good shape plus y'all are missing on Caruso and Mademoiselle Hyde
    Whitney of course around her top time - she was a shuttle to another dimension, wholeheartedly cathartic
    Sissel - bless the bell, she's 48

    Bet I forgot someone
  16. Hetero hell? On PopJustice?!

    I’ll have you know @Eric Generic is the only qualified heterosexual on here, and there are a few who even doubt him!
  17. It’s true about Celine. I’m not a fan of the actual ‘sound’ of her voice, but she certainly can sing. I love her version of All By Myself where you can clearly hear her throat rupturing.
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  18. Celine has pre-recorded vocals at her concerts too so I don’t know what point you’re trying to make. This is coming from a fan of both of them.
  19. [​IMG]

    I remember listening to her No Scrubs parts and

    Also the three Exposé ladies:

    Vocal heaven.
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  20. Mariah & Whitney provided us with this vocal masterclass

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