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Who had the biggest decline in a career? (Musically/Commercially)

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Tommy Johnson, Oct 7, 2017.

  1. Someone or a band that was at the top or doing fairly well and for whatever reason fell off.
    Some artists/bands hit their pinnacle and after that the only place to go is downhill.
    No One Hit Wonders please...I mean an everlasting dryspell.
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  2. Leona Lewis - I think, to this day, such an spectacular fall from grace is still to be matched (Duffy did not reach such delicious US success). "Happy" wasn't such a stillborn to cause this!
  3. Dido, Alexandra Burke and Geri are the first names that popped into my head.
  4. That's an excellent example. Lewis was heralded as a major star yet was largely finished by the first single from her sophomore album! Not much better than Duffy! I bet most people who were asked to list her hits would only be able to recall Bleeding Love...

    You knew things were desperate when the cheapo Christmas album came out..
  5. Dido took too long inbetween albums. The public had moved on.

    Alexandra. Totally agree.

    Geri. I thought she just stopped after her third album.
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  6. Should have been the subtitle for this thread.
  7. Alexandra was blacklisted for no particular reason and she was doing quite good for herself. Dido took her take after "Life For Rent" to enjoy life with his sick parent before he died, so I think that she had a very valid reason to go away for a while.
  8. Yes, because nobody bought it.
  9. I suppose Janet Jackson deserves a mention here.

    After an incredibly successful career she was largely binned after Nipplegate. At least I think that was the cause... It could have been her tendency to release 90 minute albums stuffed with dreadful 'cute' interludes that did the trick...
  10. I bought it!

    I didn't realise it did badly. The lead single, It's Raining Men, was one of the biggest of her career..
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  11. Janet had quite a decline but still managed to shift albums (a thing that can't be said for most of her "fallen" peers). Damita Jo and 20 YO both went Platinum out of no hit singles!
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  12. She took another 5 years off after Safe Trip Home.. By then, of course, it didn't matter anymore.
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  13. That was the second album! The third album was the one with Ride It and Desire.
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  14. Oh yes. Sorry, I'm old. You're lucky I know her at all!
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  15. Dina Carroll
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  16. It's mean, but I'm tentatively adding Sam Smith. After hearing the rubbish new single and seeing the artwork for his sophomore opus, I feel sure he's going to do a Duffy.
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  17. The single may be crap but it's selling/doing well. He's unfortunately going to be around for a while.
  18. I don't think he'll do a Duffy, actually. Public are a bit more parcial to males and he'll be releasing the album out of a Number 1 hit.
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  19. Uplifting thread.
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