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Who had the biggest decline in a career? (Musically/Commercially)

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Tommy Johnson, Oct 7, 2017.

  1. In regards to the Spice Girls. Releasing 'Headlines' as a CD single the same week as their Greatest Hits release was truly diabolical.
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  2. You mean if they never actually had a career?
  3. Basically, I guess. Jennifer Ellison was mentioned earlier and like... she doesn't really count.

    Whatever happened to Hinda Hicks?
  4. And I remember her most for this outfit:
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  5. What about Louise not sure if it counts as when she had a flop single she seemed to come back from it with a hit
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  6. Shall we say she had a steady decline after Naked the single?
    Correction: by looking at her chart stats she didn't have a real decline but I can't remember any songs post Naked album era (and they were goooood!)
  7. Arms around the world was good as was 2 faced and I love beautiful inside but that was her worst selling single
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  8. Yes that was career in a nutshell. She did well with Stuck In The Middle, and the Best Of that followed, and even Pandora's Kiss was a hit or sorts (peak-wise).
  9. In the case of Sonia it was her inexplicable decision to sound like a covers act or a female Cliff Richard at the tender age of 20 what killed her career, not even the gay public could cope with it for too long!
  10. But her biggest selling single is from woman in me album and it sold just under what naked did plus she had top 10 singles from every album she did
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  11. It's hardly a big decline though compared to others here.
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  12. Louise was fine.

    Billie's career seemed on the decline after Something Deep Inside didn't go #1.

    Nobody was here for Hear'Say after their first album, it seems.

    What about Ronan Keating? The public seemed to move on.
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  13. Ronan’s first album was huge (and his best). His second just felt like weaker rewrites of Love Is A Rollercoaster. By the third he was struggling, though the record wasn’t bad.

    After this I’m guessing the Boyzone reunion started to look a lot more appealing.
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  14. The drop of singles between Day And Night (#1) to Something Deep Inside (#4) to Walk Of Life (#25), wasn't great yes. Think her cover of Tide Is High could have been a big success though.
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  15. Well his album of Mothers Day cover versions went to #1, I think.
  16. That's more in the 'Which acts failed to get a pop career off the ground' category as they never really had a career in the first place
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  17. This is a bit before my time, but what about Holly Johnson? His debut solo album was a chart topper and had two Top 5 hits on it.

    His next album was released just 2 years later - the biggest single peaked at 73 and the album didn't chart. No idea what happened / if there was a story behind it, but that's quite the change in commercial fortunes...
  18. Yeah, I'd sort of forgotten that...interestingly, it mirrored the fate of Transvision Vamp (#1 album in 1989, follow-up pulled in 1991). Both were on MCA, which may or may not be significant!
  19. Didn't Billie begin to experience bad press around the end of 2000? That probably helped her quick decline as in those days it seemed like people took the tabloids words as gospel more than they do now due to the internet, widespread social media enabling us to see more into the private lives of celebrities and stuff.

    Anyway, she collapsed in a club because she was anorexic and suffering from extremely low blood pressure and because of that the tabloids took the opportunity to spin the incident as related to drug and alcohol abuse which wasn't a good reflection on her teen-pop image, the Chris Evans relationship rumours were beginning to grow more and more and a lot of people saw it as creepy that she was dating him etc. but he did help in saving her and putting her life back on track as she did say in interviews she was close to a mental breakdown around the time of the second album.
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