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Who had the biggest decline in a career? (Musically/Commercially)

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Tommy Johnson, Oct 7, 2017.

  1. From the artists I mostly listen to, the ones that come to mind are:

    Shola Ama - went from million selling debut to barely scraping Silver with her second album (which, by the way is an amazing album).

    Dido - two huge albums and then that third album...

    Nelly Furtado - I suppose she also took too long of a break between albums.

    Duffy - mentioned several times in this thread already but I'm still shocked at just how bad her 2nd era performed.

    Plan B - I know Ill Manors is technically a soundtrack album and not meant to be as commercial as The Defamation, but he really did seem to go from one extreme to the other in terms of sales.

    Eternal - went from a multiplatinum Greatest Hits to missing the Top 75 altogether just two years later.

    And my faves En Vogue - going from a Platinum era with EV3 to the abysmal under-performance of Masterpiece Theatre (albeit yet another excellent album). Although one could argue that they would have flopped a lot sooner if it wasn't for "Don't Let Go (Love)" giving them a temporary reboot.
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  2. Aww Lene Marlin, I truly loved her singles back in 2000/2003, bought all the singles but not the albums for some reason.
    You Weren’t There was the last one then she just dropped off the chart in the U.K.
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  3. Sheeran next, please.
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  4. Followed quickly by Sam Smith. I was hoping his dismal second album would have flopped but the public seem to be lapping it up. Really irritating voice, zero star quality, depressing songs - I just don't get it!
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  5. As I’ve said before Duffy should have been the subtitle of this thread. I can think of no better example in pop history. All these years later I’m still not sure what happened.. Duffy didn’t break any of the ‘rules’.. She didn’t oversaturate the market and took about the right amount of time to follow up Rockferry. She was young and attractive too, which never hurts in pop!

    Obviously Duffy was designed to fill the gap while Amy Winehouse continued to self-destruct and not follow up Back To Black. You can imagine Duffy in the studio recording Rockferry and being told, “Can you try and sound a bit more like Amy Winehouse, love?” Still, nothing can really explain the public’s lack of interest in her Endlessly album. True, the lead single, Well Well Well, was crap, but I think the backlash had started even before that. There seemed to be little fanfare around the release of both the single and the new LP. Odd considering her star power then. Thing is, Endlessly isn’t that bad. OK, there’s no Mercy there, but co-writer Albert Hammond was no slouch and the tunes are hooky and ‘retro’ enough to not stray too far from the ones on Rockferry. Her voice is perhaps more annoying, but it wasn’t great on her first album either!

    All I can think is that most of the people who bought Rockferry simply didn’t like it and had no desire to repeat the experience. Which is a horrible thought, isn’t it?!

    Hope she was well paid for that Diet Coke ad!
  6. It’s still in the charts, but I don’t think it’s caught on like his debut. Aside from the lead single, I haven’t noticed any of the others doing well. His voice is so annoying. Why does he think falsetto is his ‘thing’? Ed Sheeran isn’t much of a singer either, but he’s not as unpleasant to hear as Smith.
  7. I found Duffy's voice even more irritating than Sam Smith's (which is saying something) so I was ecstatic when she disappeared as quickly as she arrived.
  8. I really liked Safe Trip Home as well. Sadly Dido seemed to think of it as her Listen Without Prejudice and didn’t bother to promote it at all. You pay a price.

    Nelly Furtado has a really annoying voice. Almost at Shakira level. I’m surprised she did as well as she did.
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  9. She did up the vibrato on Endlessly. So much so I began to wonder if she’d been recently diagnosed with emphysema.
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  11. Christ I can't believe Duffy was only 23 when she came out. I always thought she exuded the energy of someone who was maybe late 30s but looked good for her age, I just checked Wikipedia expecting her to be late 40s now but she's 33! I have no idea why she flopped, I just wanted to share that.
  12. Well...
  13. Milli Vanilli
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  14. It’s a terrible ad, but her vocal is wretched. Her voice is so tremulous it sounds like she has a gun to her head.
  15. ..Well Well....
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  16. Well she did smoke like a chimney
  17. She probably had.
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  18. I'm surprised Duffy never got another shot with a major album though? I know Endlessly tanked (Whale Whale Whale was horrible) but Rockferry was huge.

    It's been 8 years since Endlessly.
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  19. Didn’t she just pretty much leave the industry?

    Though I think she did a new song a couple of years ago.
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  20. I was wondering about what happened with Ace of Base, the first album was huge of course, but then The Bridge came and none of its singles did particularly well compared to the first album. No way they were going to reach the same sales figures, but I thought it would do better. Was the public so oversaturated with Happy Nation re-re-re-releases by then?

    I love the album though, it showed a lot of artistic growth, and they did good with the followup Flowers (at least in Europe, in America Clive Davis took their career to the toilet).
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