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Who here deletes unwanted songs from an album when they play it?

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by UnionJackMix, Apr 20, 2017.

  1. I have a rule in place ever since I discovered I loved Liza's Results. I hated it at first. Then after a couple of years I popped the disc in the player and suddenly I fell in love with it.
    This is why I have decided never to skip any tracks. You never know you might appreciate it at some point.
    However as time passes and I get older I realize there is no point that I try to listen to the russian song on Pet Shop Boys' Electric album, and today I played Sky Ferreira's Night Time My Time and realized that there are many great tracks on it but also a few stinkers, and that if I decided to chuck the bad ones I could have shorter and more desirable albums.
    How many music lovers like me and those I seem to have lots in common with like @torontodj, @Eric Generic, @idratherjack do this? How long before you decide to do this, if you do?
    It's also a slippery slope!
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  2. I've hardly ever deleted or skipped tracks if I listen to an album. There was a time in the late 80s when I spent a lot of time in hospital(s), that I had to trim some albums down to fit on a C90 tape so I could take my favourite music in with me. Thankfully, this was before the fashion for really long CD-length albums, and most were around 50 minutes maximum.

    Then in the early days of CDs I would pick out my favourite tracks at the time and listen to those more than the rest, but if I actually wanted to play an album, I would listen to the whole thing. Maybe it comes from the era of vinyl and tape, when it wasn't so easy to skip tracks, and impossible to actually delete them!
  3. Yeah you're right! I think it comes from those days for me too initially.
    I also miss doing mix tapes, but in these days I barely have time to listen to music I buy, let alone sit down and think which ones I like best.
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  4. My OCD could never let me do this. My SD card on my tablet is full of dozens of full albums and even though I'll probably never listen to every track and don't like every track I have to know the full thing is there or it drives me crazy.
  5. I have a fair amount of OCD as well that if I were to delete a track, it would be via a playlist of the album minus the track, but the track would always remain in iTunes.
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  6. I don't like the idea of taking something that's been carefully curated and chopping it up. I will occasionally skip tracks if I really don't like them (or I'm just not in the mood) but I can think of loads of songs I grew to love which never would have happened had I judged them on a couple of plays.

    The average time someone listens to a track on streaming services before skipping is 5 seconds, by the way
  7. Only when a song is absolutely atrocious. Which is still actually quite rare to me.
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  8. I rarely skip or delete tracks from albums. Occasionally I might decide to just keep the singles if the album as a whole isn't worth keeping.
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  9. I will never delete a track from my iTunes even if I don't like it but if it comes up on shuffle, I'm more than to happy to skip it especially if Ive never liked it. For example: it's been 14 years since Kylie first released Chocolate. I loathed it then and I do now but my OCD will not let me delete it from my iTunes. But I will sure as hell skip that abomination.
  10. Even though I bought a new iPod Touch, I still listen to most of my music on my CD Walkman (yes I still own one). Whenever I play Bananarama's Greatest Hits or WOW!, I almost always skip Nathan Jones. I don't think I've ever downloaded it to any of my iPods. And if I did, I am sure I deleted it!
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  11. I used to do this, but too often certain songs would grow on me, or I would want to listen to a whole album again just for reference and I'd have to either re-upload or re-download certain songs. I eventually just got to where I kept everything unless I outright hated something. I'll still delete tracks if there are only really a few songs I like from an album, but I'd say nine times out of ten I just keep the whole thing if I've already got it. It also depends on my devotion to an artist. If they're one of my favorites, I become a completist. If I'm a casual fan, it doesn't matter to me as much.
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  12. I'm honestly so offended by this statement.

    I'm really anal about keeping all the tracks. Only full releases in my collection for me.
  13. Maybe I should have been more specific, I did pretty much mean skip it when it comes up, however as I am only considering the way onwards, I am tempted to either create playlists for some albums that don't include such songs or....alternatives?
  14. That's what I constantly do myself, the playlist thing. I do sometimes end up liking a song that I never did before, or connecting to it in a way that's special as life happens and unfolds, where before I'd thought it was just a typical boring ballad. I force myself sometimes to listen to an album the way they were intended to, like on the annually release date for example. (Madonna - American Life today!) I still end up liking songs decades later which I'd usually never play or skip.

    My ex's method was that he would go quickly through a newly released album, quickly go through the songs, clicking through them. Delete the rest, and then NEVER revisit it. If he made up his mind about that an album mostly sucked he will never ever listen to it again, even if it's a favorable artist of his.

    I could never.
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  15. Deleting a song from an album is like deleting a scene from a movie.
    An album is supposed to be an artists body of work, and as disappointing as it is that poor choices of songs can be selected for the album, it is what it is.
    It frustrates me the most when the b-sides are better than some album tracks and I'm left thinking "why....?"
  16. I upload entire albums and then export the songs I want to a master list of stuff I genuinely like, but the 'unwanted' tracks are still there if ever needed.
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  17. I only listen to albums from CD's or LPs. Even if I did the digital thing I would never delete a song from an album. Album is a fully formed project. I'd rather make playlists of the songs I love from each album.
  18. I did this when I was younger and first starting to rip my CD collection, but then I realized I had to go back and find and rip the CD again when I remembered there were songs I "unchecked" the first time around. I stopped doing it because it makes it so much harder for songs to grow, which sometimes takes years. For just one example, there were a whole lot of tracks on Tori Amos' Scarlet's Walk that I'd deleted once upon a time but really like now.
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  19. Ray


    I make playlists and then delete tracks. For Janet's Unbreakable I made a custom edit of "No Sleeep" without the dumb rap and skipped "After You Fall". But of course iTunes has the "normal" version, because, aye, musical OCD.
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  20. I will aim to listen to a whole album through if it's via CD or but will happily delete songs from iTunes I don't like or won't even put them on in first place. Saves storage space and no point if I don't listen to them.
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