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Who here deletes unwanted songs from an album when they play it?

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by UnionJackMix, Apr 20, 2017.

  1. In 1989, I would have deleted Love Song from Like a Prayer.

    In 2017, I appreciate the song much more. So, no deletion required.
  2. A guy in secondary school would scratch album tracks he didn't like. I borrowed Madonna's Like A Virgin off him and the last three tracks on Side 1 were gouged.
    He was subsequently convicted of embezzlement about 15 years later.
  3. I wouldn't have expected this from you!
    This is why I hate iTunes releases, all those people who buy single tracks! Artists should not allow people to purchase single tracks. I know some tracks are album only, but only a few.
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  4. I often buy single tracks on 7Digital when I need them for a mix - usually in the following situations:

    1) I own the track on vinyl but can't be arsed doing a rip.
    2) I own the track on CD but it's housed on one of the inaccessible shelves which necessitates moving DVDs, boxes and other CDs to reach it.
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  5. OHMYGOD!!!! That's me sometimes too!!!
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  6. I've not even deleted Beyoncé's 1+1 or Florence's cover of Halo - I keep EVERYTHING!
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  7. Lately I even resort to re-buying it for pennies if my copy's in storage, just for the convenience.
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  8. This is me, too. I found a DVD copy of Fatal Attraction because I haven't seen it in years and want to watch it again, but it's somewhere in storage or maybe lost, so a cheap new version it is.
  9. Popjustice is served.
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  10. ^^ This (except I love Kylie's Chocolate)
  11. I cant bring myself to actually delete them... my music ocd wont allow it, but i do 'untick' those I don't like so they wont make it to my iPod/phone - the Iggy track on Music Complete for example, or 'John the Revelator' by Mode...

    Experience has taught me that I often come back to the less obvious tracks so removing them completely isn't a good idea.
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  12. I used to delete songs from my iTunes in the early days but invariably would live to regret it eg I deleted a few songs from Eurythmics greatest hits (not many but those which I felt were less than 7/10) which I now wish I could listen to!

    Now as I am at full capacity I am always frantically unticking loads of songs to try and make space for new stuff! At least with the "unticked" stuff you know it's still there.
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