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Who is good at making CD covers??

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by tomscott, Mar 30, 2012.

  1. Hey guys,

    i just made my own coldplay greatest hits collection and was wondering if any of you talented cd cover designers would be able to make me a front and back cover for it.

    The tracklisting is as follows...

    01. M.M.I.X.
    02. Every Teardrop Is A Waterfall
    03. Clocks
    04. Speed Of Sound
    05. Paradise
    06. Talk
    07. Trouble
    08. Fix You
    09. Lost+
    10. Princess Of China
    11. Violet Hill
    12. God Put A Smile Upon Your Face
    13. White Shadows
    14. Don't Panic
    15. Life In Technicolor II
    16. In My Place
    17. Charlie Brown
    18. Viva La Vida
    19. Yellow
    20. The Scientist

    I really like the art direction they went with Mylo Xyloto and love all the group pictures, fonts, colours from this era.

    If anybody could help me out i'd greatly appreciate it.

    This is an example of what i would like...

  2. Nothing spectacular but I was bored so thought I'd offer something up. Hopefully you like it!


  3. Wow.

    What's all the latin stuff at the bottom?
  4. I couldn't be bothered to make up all that copyright stuff so I just stuck in filler text. Laziness at it's finest! But thanks for the "wow"!

  5. Thank you so very much! That is fantastic! Just what I wanted. How you guys do this kind of thing is so cool, wish I was clever enough to do it.

    Thank you!!
  6. Glad you like it. All done in Photoshop, plus it helped with you having a specific idea in mind.
  7. Don't wanna push the friendship but are you able to add the spines to the back cover? It's cool if you can't!
  8. Haha...so, not a special "Vatican Import" edition then. I love what you did with the track titles, Mylo Xyloto-ing them.
  9. Looks great!

    Almost makes me wish I liked Coldplay!
  10. Yeah sure, no problem, I'll do it later today.
  11. This ok for you? I uploaded them in a bit higher quality for you as well, ready for you to print them out:


    If you want anything else changes, let me know.
  12. Careful Cleggar I might have to kidnap you and set you to work on artwork for my favourite artists...
  13. Ha ha, thanks! I enjoyed doing that so if you need anything doing, let me know

    *in the distance, the sound of flood gates opening is heard*
  14. Spot on!!! Thank you so very much it's just perfect now!! Just printed it out and it looks so nice In it's cover.

    You are so nice and if I need anything else designed I will be asking you again! Xxx
  15. My requests would be a bit more obscure and the artwork would be difficult to find.

    I mean it shouldn't be so difficult to find decent promo pictures of Five Star, Cathy Dennis and Belinda Carlisle back in the day....
  16. God, I remember failing to find anything especially usable for my Five Star set!

    Some of my designs work out okay, some are just passable.
  17. I know practically bog all about those, sorry, but if you could give me some inspiration/ideas of what you want, I'd have a hunt and give it a go...?

    If you had an idea for something without using a photo, just a design, like the Coldplay one, I'd give that a try too!
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