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Who should release a Singles Boxset next?

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by AceReject, Jul 11, 2009.

  1. Garbage.

  2. Well I was rather hoping that everyone would get that irony from my post alone but, clearly it wasn't clear enough.
  3. Amen.

    I was lucky enough to be friends with a Garbage obsessive who had all of their singles and compiled a collection with all of their B-Sides for me. Soldier Through This & Deadwood are two of my alltime favourite songs.

    I would definitely prefer a proper B-Sides collection to a new studio album, I guess they'll not be able to regain that spark.
  4. For me, it would be.....Dannii, Saint Etienne, Kim Wilde, Kylie and Bananarama.
  5. To be honest, other than for the b-sides, I really don't get the appeal of the Girls Aloud boxset. They've not had a single good remix of any of their singles.
  6. The 29 Palms remix of Life Got Cold begs to differ.
  7. Yes please! Maybe then I could own the 'Coconut' single without having to go without eating for a few weeks...
  8. I love the artwork for each campaign too. I was slightly irritated that Shut Your Mouth didn't follow the same style as the previous BG singles, even if the sleeve was still great. I'd have preferred the Australian cover!

    I miss the days when releasing a single was an event. The limited 7"s and 3" CDs from the first two eras were ace.

    And yes, a b-sides album would be brilliant, even if I do already have them all on the original singles!
  9. I have always said that 'Afterglow' would be an excellent James Bond theme.
  10. I know, Garbage really perfected the singles format. Scatter B-Sides and mixes across different releases, have regionspecific ones, have a consistent artwork theme for every album campaign.
  11. Madonna. She's the fucking "queen of pop" but we still haven't got any comprehensive set/release 25 years into the most successful career, probably ever in pop music.

    Pet Shop Boys...Bjork squeeze out sets like kittens and they barely sell records at all. What gives???
  12. Did Bjork ever release a singles boxset in the end? I know there were plans for one at one point.
  13. I don't believe she did, so I'd like to nominate her for one. Madonna of course. Kylie would be great because of her wealth of great b-sides.
  14. multimediac17

    multimediac17 Moderator

    Bjork! Of COURSE.
  15. Kylie and Bjork would be the two I'd buy.
  16. I would definately buy Kylie.
  17. Yes yes yes! But you knew I'd say that anyway. Mind you, I've got all of the singles so I'd rather have a proper B-sides collection. They're one of my favourite B-sides bands.

    A Saint Etienne one would also be great, as would a Pulp one.
  18. I'd like to see Sugababes or McFly do one. Don't know how the McFly one could be possible given that I think Universal Island still own the rights to all their songs bar those they've released on their own label (i.e. the Radio:ACTIVE album), but I can but dream. The Sugababes one would be amazing too, perhaps even with unreleased demos and stuff like the Girls Aloud one did.
  19. Pet Shop Boys, Kylie or Sugababes.

    They all have enough singles and b-sides.
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