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Why does nobody like Joel Compass?

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Noir, Aug 5, 2014.

  1. Why?

    Joel's put out a handful of mellow yet current-sounding singles that are great, many publications have showed him support, he's had his fair share of buzz and he is most definitely talented and not unattractive. But somehow his music doesn't seem to be resonating much. His biggest ('biggest') single, Forgive Me, entered the UK chart at number 34.

    It seems like Sam Smith has stolen Joel's thunder, and because he's hardly edgy/cool, he hasn't been able to build a loyal fanbase like The Weeknd. He's stuck in between. Basically, he's the new Alex Gardner (minus Xenomania, and so he doesn't even get that Popjustice culty flop love). It really saddens me.

    Now this is his current single:


    I don't know what to think.
  2. I bought 'Run' and thought that was pretty good but haven't heard him on the radio, saw him on the music channels or really have any interest in checking out his other stuff. He is always posting stuff on Facebook and getting less than "10 "likes" at a time so he's just really not connecting with anyone, even after a top 40 single.
  3. SBK


    Should we like him? Who is he?
  4. SockMonkey

    SockMonkey Staff Member

    To me it sounds

    a) too American for UK tastes
    b) like the next song to be used on a Tesco F&F clothing advert.

    The song is "nice", but pretty dull, and certainly doesn't scream 'hit single' these days.
  5. I thought he was pretty well liked in that semi-unknown cool kind of way, and Forgive Me was brilliant. Maybe his appearance on Cheryl's new album will get him more mainstream recognition.
  6. I like his voice and the last song of his I heard but the others sound amateur-ish to my ears.
  7. Did he use to be in Blazin' Squad?
  8. Never heard of him to even have an opinion of him, let alone a negative one.
  9. Someboy

    Someboy Staff Member

    Why am I still following him on Instagram?
  10. K94


    He's hot but his music is bland and nothing interesting. Also he's mates with Nicola Roberts so there's obviously some curse involved.
  11. Noir, why do you like him (if you do)?

    After one listen of Girlfriends, I find the repetitive melody irritating in a stop-tapping-your-fingers-on-the-table-before-I-chop-them-off sort of way. The video adds nothing and I spent most of it wondering if he has more than one facial expression.

    I did enjoy Forgive Me and I'm curious to know what he's done with Cheryl.
  12. Because the only (semi)memorable thing about him is his name.
  13. I do, actually. I've been following Joel Compass since Back to Me went up on SoundCloud. Early 2013. He seemed quite promising for a while, but then he started releasing music videos and none of them really grabbed my attention. I thought the music was bland and kind of a bore.

    Recently, he put out a mixtape together with shitty artwork and 0 hype, and I actually loved it. It's very much in line with the rest of the "alternative" R&B that is so popular these days. I was ready to get back on board with Joel, but then he dropped Girlfriends and its music video, which I'm pretty sure will be the death of his major label contract. That's why I started this thread.
  14. I think in my head I get Joel Compass and Josh Record confused.
  15. I love his look, I love his songs, the singles, the EP, his voice. I don't understand why he isn't big..
  16. 'Run' was played on Radio 1 alot and was on alot of YouTube ads but it didn't even chart, and I think they sort of "gave up" on pushing him at that point.
  17. Forgive Me is the only song I know from him and it's good.
  18. I listened to the mixtape. My impression is that there is no expression between the lyrics, the instrumental, and his voice. The end result is too constructed. The pauses he has every few words in all the songs prevents any lyrical flow. It. would. be. talking. like. this.
  19. K94


    Ironic that his surname's Compass when his musical direction is skewed.
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