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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Rafa_el, Sep 3, 2017.

  1. Why Don't We is a boy band that has been getting radio play with the song "Something Different" and has grown a huge fan base. Their current "Something Different" tour is now sold out. They signed with Atlantic Records last july.

    Daniel Seavey, Corbyn Besson, Jonah Marais, Zack Herron, and Jack Avery.
    I like Something Different.

    And they have a new song out (which I don't like it):

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  2. Something Different is pretty good but I hate something about them. Maybe it's that they're too young, or they seem simple or something... they're lacking uniqueness.

    These Girls is also okay but something about them is offensive. I hate them but I kind of bop.
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  3. Something Different is ok, but there is a glassy eyed soulless quality about them that I really can't engage with.

    Also they don't have the budget to really execute the ideas in their videos, even the more basic video is lacking that level of finesse. . . and their association with Logan Paul is a red flag.
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  4. I've... become obsessed.

    Jonah and Corbyn are my favourites, and Zach has a really interesting voice but I kind of hate it. There's definitely something about them that irritates me a lot - maybe lack of inspiration - but their songs are some serious bops. Something Different is fucking incredible.
  5. It's a shame everything about this band is so tragic because their songs actually aren't too bad. I just don't understand why they literally all look the same. They couldn't even bother giving them different hairstyles, aside from the one with the curls.

    Also none of them have any charisma.
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  6. I can't speak to their music at all, but why on earth did someone think Why Don't We is an excellent boyband name?!?
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  7. I struggled at first to get in to this new boyband but they've been slowly winning me over.

    Their new single "Trust Fund Baby" is a bit of a bop though.

    What do you guys think?

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  8. This song is gross and apparently Ed Sheeran wrote it so quelle surprise.
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  9. [​IMG]
  10. Sometimes people need to admit their faults.

    I could be tripping out today, I'll revisit tomorrow haha!
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  11. My God, is there any part of the music industry that guy hasn't infiltrated?!
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  12. Their sales are serving Jane Zhang teas.
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  13. Also 3 of them look like boy Trixie, how.
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  14. Get your ears checked sis, this is hot garbage.
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  15. Catchy song, bad idea. Be nice to rich girls, sell more stuff!

  16. I don't know if I'm just getting old (at 25) but they really do look like children!
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  17. I'm genuinely baffled how they could release something so blatantly misogynistic, objectifying and tone-deaf especially in the current period we're in. The song is literally a personification of privileged white Youtubers rating women out of 10 and trying to dictate what a girl should or should not be. Whoever is managing these boys ought've known better, and I'm not going to come down hard on these children just yet because for all we know this might be label manipulated but someone needs to educate them if they want a successful career ahead which they wont.
    I can't believe that at a time where women are making such monumental strides in rewriting dominant social narratives, there are still a bunch of men who consistently just.....don't get it. This song by a flop boy band is definitely not worth getting this angry about but I feel like it's a petri-dish-amalgamation of all the fuckery this week.
  18. Don't you just love it when boys who look like warmed-up dog shit sing about what a woman should be?
  19. Literally trash. Just delete this entire band.

    They also sound exactly like Ed on some parts too? An anyone-singing-a-shopped-around-Sia-song tea.
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  20. Why so many boybands?
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