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Wicked (2023)

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by scottdisick94, Nov 5, 2021.

  1. We have our Glinda and Elphaba!

    From 2011:

    Idina’s seal of approval:

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  2. How iconic would it have been with Ariana and Gaga? My dream casting.

    As a Wicked fan I am still super happy and excited.

    Some racists comments have started already which is sadly not surprising but so disgusting.
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  3. Poor Dove Cameron. They’ve been throwing her name out in the press for months as meeting over and over for Glinda. I was hoping she would get it but alas, it wasn’t meant to be.

    Ariana and Cynthia will surely duke it out vocally.
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  4. Honestly this casting is perfect and I am hyped beyond belief. Cynthia is such a powerhouse vocally and as an actor and Ariana will body Glinda I feel it in my bones! I’m so excited for her take on No One Mourns The Wicked!
  5. I don't know how I feel about Ariana's acting, but Cynthia is a slam dunk. She'll absolutely body that role, vocally and acting-wise. She's incredible.

    I do wonder if her age will be mentioned though. She's 6 years older than Ben Platt and he got annihilated.

    I'll forever be sad this didn't happen years ago with Idina and Kristin.
  6. These roles are so identified with Idina and Kristin to me that it's hard to imagine anyone else in the role, especially such a massive superstar like Ariana but I hope she can do it justice, I know she has been chasing the role for a decade.
  7. Act2 of Wicked plays years later so their age is fine by then.

    But yeah the teenager thing will be fun although Ariana still looks very young and Cynthia will have green makeup on anyway so who knows what she will look like.
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  8. I see he's been trending all day because of speculation, but I swear to christ, if James Corden gets cast in this, I will fucking riot.
  9. Who else do we think could make an appearance? She wouldn’t necessarily be the best for the role, but surely Meryl is on the phone for Madame Morrible.

    I actually thought we’d get a big name Glinda and Elphaba, and then a more Broadway supporting cast, but I think with Cynthia and Ariana they’ll want a few A Listers to add a bit of a boost. No shade to Ariana and Cynthia because I think they will both be brilliant, but they’re not quite established Hollywood Leading Ladies just yet. Definitely not saying either girl is unqualified for the role. Cynthia is a double Oscar Nominee / Grammy / Tony winner with vocals for days, and Ariana is Ariana. It makes perfect sense why they were both cast as they are more than qualified, but yeah, I think they’ll want a few A Listers for that poster / Graham Norton.
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  10. Miriam Margolyes is the one for me, thank you please.

    Talking of Ben Platt, he's getting brought into the discussion a lot on Twitter. People are now ironically suggesting him to be cast as Boq. Honestly, I can kind of see it.

    And I'm gagged that Ariana is actually older than Ben.
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  11. Fingers crossed this won't be another Cats.
  12. No way. Cats was shite to begin with, so this already has that advantage.
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  13. Ariana can't act, so this isn't ideal.
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  14. It at least needs to be visually better. I'm not worried about the music. But it better not be an ugly CGI mess.
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  15. I'm giving her the benefit of the doubt and hoping she's improved since her younger days. They would have had literally thousands of options for actresses, so I hope they've not gone with her purely for the popstar, big name draw.

    As good a singer as she is, she doesn't actually have the typical Glinda voice either, which has always been more operatic.
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  16. Many actors are only as good as the direction and the material in front of them. The only thing I've seen that Ariana was in is Scream Queens, and the little I saw of that was so dreadful I'm not sure I even got to her scenes. So I'm happy to keep an open mind.

    The age thing isn't really a concern either. Madonna was 37 when she made Evita; four years older than Eva Peron lived to be and in the early part of the film she's playing her as a teenager. And that was a real person! I think we can suspend disbelief for a fantasy story about witches, surely?
  17. This casting is smart. Cynthia is an oscar away from being an EGOT, and Ariana not being the lead role leads to this.

    I've sort of enjoyed the meltdown from the core fanbase (the ones who camp outside of the theatre for multiple shows) losing it over their favourite Broadway/West End actress that played Elpheba not ending up with the role, as if would have ever realistically happened.
  18. I am really curious who will play Madame Morrible, I need the casting to be camp as hell teebs.
  19. I don‘t know I feel both parts are equal for the woman.

    Flashback to Chicago and Catherine winning.
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