Wideboys feat. Shaznay Lewis - Daddy O

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I do agree that her voice is really unique and I love it, I just don't think it fits very well with the song.


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zarko said:
markreading said:
I can totally imagine Alesha singing this. Shame we will never get to hear her version!
im glad... Shaznays voice has that special something, and its a perfect fit for the song.

Yeah, but that 'special something' belongs to Bart Simpson!
N¡ck said:
This sounds pretty good to me. I hope it's massive, and persuades her to make another solo album.

As much as I would love to have her go solo and have another solo record out and everything, I would prefer if we got to do the All Saints reunion all over again with new material, album, tour and all...


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Are they deliberately trying to give it a techtonik (or whatever) feel?
No video was ever going to do this song justice.

It made me revisit Javine's 'Don't Let The Morning Come'...
I still can't stop listening to it several hours later. But I have to ask: is she saying "Put one up me" at the end of it?
I really like the video (and the song). It's the first time Shaznay's ever looked sexy. Where has she been hiding those legs and stilletto's?!

I just hope that radio takes to this. It's much better then the similar genre T2 or H Two O.