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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by TRAVVV, Mar 10, 2016.

  1. Couldn't find a word about my favorite 90s group, so here goes my first attempt at making a thread. Most of you know Wild Orchid as Fergie's first musical endeavour.

    Signed to RCA from 1994 to 2002, Wild Orchid recorded three albums - but only released two. 2001's Fire was shelved before its release, after lead single Stuttering flopped, and Fergie's drug issues intensified. Fergie left in 2001, but they continued as a duo and independently released 2003's terrible Hypnotic.

    Stefanie is now married to Ron Fair (goals), Renee is a songwriter, and Fergie - well, you all know about that. Some of the unreleased Fire material remains my favorite. Most of it was produced by JC Chasez and feels like an edgier Oops...I Did It Again.

    Anyone else stan for them in the 90s?
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  2. Listening to "Fire" now. It's a shame this album was never officially released :/
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  3. I'm honestly just happy that after a year someone finally replied to my first thread here! Also, where were you able to find Fire in it's entirety?
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  4. The whole Fire album is on youtube:

    I only know their singles really, At Night I Pray is my favourite, love the vocals there.
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  5. Was this group the template for Jessica Simpson's entire career? I hear so much of her as I explore a bit of Wild Orchid. Does a certain member sound like her, am I the only one who hears Jessica Simpson all over their records?
  6. I feel like Wild Orchid was supposed to be a white En Vogue. But their throaty, belty tones kind of do give me Successica vibes, now that you mention it.
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  7. Always fancied Ron Fair nnnñ
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  8. A shout-out to unsung pop talent Renee Sands, whose connection to Fergie goes way back to the Kids Incorporated days where they played sisters, er, Renee and Stacy, and was Princess Fiona's singing voice in the first two Shrek movies.
  9. Been listening to "Fire" all day. It's a shame this album was never officially released :/
  10. Is Fire any good? I only have the second album that I found a promo copy of for like 99 cents a couple years ago. It's not... great.
  11. Ive always been curious to hear the non-Fergie album they did, Ive read it's a pile of crap.
  12. It's ok, I like one or two songs.
  13. Fire is probably my favorite WO album. However, it sounds extremely dated now.
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  14. I'm amazed RCA spent all that money on the album but never released it. I would kill for that promo copy that exists somewhere.

    And yes, the fourth album (self-released sans Fergie) was largely terrible - except for the inclusion of Fire track Simon Sez. It was strictly sex jams.

    Edit: According to this forum, RCA told the girls they'd have to pay $11 per copy if they wanted the Fire promo sold during a tour.
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  15. The girls should have paid the $11 and charged fans $20. Boom, profit made!!!!
  16. I love Stuttering. Shame they didn't even make a video for it (I'm assuming, I've never seen one)?

    I found their budget best of at FYE a few years ago for $1. They had a decent run of singles, although annoyingly the mix of Be Mine is not the same one as the album/video and it wasn't as good. I've only heard the singles from the first two albums, but I listened to Fire in full and I really like it. I'm a sucker for that turn of the century, Britney-esque pop sound.

    With that said, this is a really awkward performance.
  17. Really wish the uploader hadn't put the studio audio over these clips - unless that's how they originally aired?

    I recently learned that the songwriter of Stuttering also wrote Leave (Get Out) and Coming For You by JoJo.
  18. Was just able to snag a copy of their 1994 demo on eBay!!
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  19. How have I never heard of this? What is the tracklisting?
  20. It's a cassette with three tracks, one of which an early version of The River called A River. Eek!
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